Thursday, November 12, 2009

Screamin' A. Smith is Back

According to Deadspin: Stephen A. Smith has returned the the Philadelphia Inquirer after a messy arbitration hearing with the paper.

Stephen A. types with MORE CAPS than seldom reader Moose. Also know as Moof because of his love for the letter "f" and maybe now Mouph, in honor of the overage Villanova Center. A search on has Stephen A. Smith in the columnist section but then he is not listed.



1 comment:

  1. This joker should be sent to a desolate island far, far away so that no one has to be subjected to his nonsense.

    Remember a few years ago, when for some unknown reason, he was analyzing a football game? Can't remember who the teams were. Anyway, Stephen A. said that the team "should've tried the field goal on 3rd down, that way, if they missed it, they could try it again on 4th down." This actually happened. Somehow he wasn't banned for life from talking about sports.
    Now he's back to talking mainly about basketball, which he also knows nothing about.
    I wonder how he'll defend Iverson now.

    So basically, I'm a big fan.