Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Westbrook is Improving

Doc's say that Westbrook has improved significantly since Sunday and that his second concussion was not nearly as bad as the first. Westbrook was evaluated by the Medical Center at Pitt - the same doc's Steve Young saw when he had concussion issues. (NBC)

I hope he doesn't hurry back. He is much needed on the field but the potential long term damage is too threatening. If we have seen the last of Westbrook on the football field - he will go down as one of the Eagle Greats.

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  1. I think Westbrook is donezo...completely sucks but we have to face reality. He hasn't played a full season b/c of these recurring concussions for the longest. He is arguably one of the best RB's this past decade.

    Also not to bring up old shit but check out this column/blog on the Yankees parade. Hilarious: