Monday, November 30, 2009

Wrong Answer

Rant from R.H.

Warning- this is kind of long and about basketball. So, um, yeah....

I wasn't gonna dignify this Iverson story with a response, but I can't hold it in any longer. Too bad for the Sixers that it's come to this, although it's their own fault. I could've used a nice distraction too until baseball season. Especially since I just can't get fully emotionally invested in the Eagles like I used to until Reid and McNabb are gone, which will probably be never (Gimmicks like starting the game with an onside kick against a crappy team you should just line up against and steamroll??? And then, just to prove it wasn't a disastrous acquisition, they have to trot the encrusted remains of Michael Vick out there every now and then. That pass to Celek was classic. Thanks dude, but we already have a QB that fires 90 mph passes behind receivers from 5 yards away. Whatever. Don't get me started).

In case you guys missed it, Stephen A. Smith broke the news that Iverson woke up this morning and took a big dump. My God, does that joker just keep "breaking" stories to correct his previous, incorrect "breaking" news? If these Iverson rumors are true it's unfortunate, and not just because it would mean one less handicap parking space available each day around here. I'm not gonna jump up and down about it, but I wouldn't do it. Smacks of desperation. For who? For what? Nightclub owners, casino heads, and fast-food managers are clamoring for him to return.

Obviously, the Sixers are broken and a long, long way from being good. But bringing Iverson in here would just postpone the rebuilding. Why should we just throw away the last 5 or so months of the season? That's just pissing away 5 months to sell a few extra tickets. If they plan on keeping Eddie Jordan, which at this point they might as well give him a chance, this time should be used to develop the younger guys and to learn his Princeton offense (Iverson and Princeton anything should never be used in the same sentence). Any learning curve or development of Holiday, Lou Williams (possible already too far gone), etc. will stop as soon as Iverson comes in. It's like locking a bunch of guys in AA in a liquor store with Keith Richards.

But the majority of the fan base will be for it, and management will probably succumb to them. At the risk of generalizing, most of the NBA fans in this town are idiots. All thoughout the Iverson era and still today, they'd rather see Iverson cross someone over in a 20-ponts loss than watch a cohesive group play as a team and win consistently. I got news for management, if you put a good team out there that wins, people will show up. Iverson or no Iverson. But they're a long way from that so I guess this is their stop-gap solution.

Ed Snider has said he'll signoff on anything Sixer-related at this point. He's too busy scouring the AHL ranks for a 4th line winger for the Flyers.

Iverson has proven time and again that he's incapable of conforming to being a team-player. Oh, he says all the right things. He cares about winning, he'll come of the bench, yada-yada-yada. The he goes out and does the opposite (Costanza would be proud). In Detroit and Memphis, he said he would have no problem coming off the bench, then proceeded to sandbag both teams. Three games in Memphis?!? That's shocking even for him. It's a shame it didn't work out, him and Zach Randolph could've done some great and horrible things together on Beale Street.

It's also no coincidence that Denver took off right after they got rid of him last year.

Oh yeah, if Bubba Chuck returned it would be all fun and games in the beginning, especially with Lou Williams out a couple months. Iverson would act like he's still the man, push Holiday aside (go learn the game somewhere else, rook), and pick up right where he left off here. Lots of 30-shot, 27 points games.....and 20-points losses. We've seen this movie a thousand times before.

People say he'll put fans in the seats, and they're probably right. I know I'm probably in the minority, but that's even more of a reason NOT to go for me. And really, who cares that no one is going to the games? If anything, the Sixers deserve what they are getting with the product they've been putting out there and the decisions they've been making the last few years. Maybe empty seats will wake them up a bit. Just look at the Knicks, another horrible team with absolutely nothing to lose. Could've bought Iverson in for the rest of the year for a measley $1 mill. to fill-up some seats. They did about 24 hours of due-diligence on him (talked to Memphis I'm sure) and quickly said thanks, but no thanks (made me wish Isiah was still there and recklessly signed him to a 6 year/ $64 million deal in between groping MSG employees. Good times). Speaks volumes. The guy is a disease that infects teams on and off the court. Practice? Good luck.

Retiring to spend time with his family? Wow, that's rich. I know he's always been a pillar of family values, but he's retiring because no one wants him. He almost had to "retire" over the summer when no one wanted him until Memphis took a flier. The rest is history. I can't think of another future hall of famer that was not wanted by anyone when he still had something left in the tank. Even Rasheed Wallace, the posterboy for angry, selfish malcontents everywhere, got the point and went to the Celtics knowing damn well he'd be coming off the bench. Iverson has been his own worst enemy throughout. If he was smart, starting in Detroit last year, he would've used it as an audition for good teams to see him. He's obviously a shell of his former self, but he can still play. But no, he only knows his way, dominating the ball and undermining coaches. Good teams don't want him because he'll disrupt chemistry immediately. Bad teams (see: Memphis) also now know to steer clear of him.

Now John Thompson and Larry Brown are trying to reach out to him to talk him out of retirement? (like it was his decision). Yo Larry, please shut up and go away, you phony. You hated Iverson when you were here. And if you like him so damn much, bring him to Charlotte. Now start figuring out which team you're gonna jump ship to next. Eddie Jordan can't be for this. The only reason Stefanski would be for it is because he's desperate and out of ideas after taking over the mantle of Horrible GM from Billy King. If Jordan and Stefanski are on the fence about it, they should consult with, in no particular order, Randy Ayers, Chris Ford, Jim O'Brien, Mo Cheeks, Michael Curry, and Lionel Hollins. I think the only one that survived AI's wrath to get another head coaching job was O'Brien. I would've thrown George Karl in there but he's been in paycheck mode for years now.

Again, if Iverson was smart and not surrounded by a posse of yes-men, he would've long ago sucked up his pride and went to a playoff team that could use him. The funny thing is, he'd be an absolute killer coming off the bench for a good team. Talk about instant offense, he'd be like Vinnie "Microwave" Johnson on crack (possibly literally). It's really the perfect role for him- come in, shoot constantly and play no defense.If he's hot, keep him in. If not, take him out (and then the games begin). But that decision is out of his hands now. The damage is done. Beggars can't be choosers. Kind of sad in a way. I would pity him if he didn't bring it all on himself.

He should go kill a few dogs, maybe that would pique Andy Reid's interest.

But, whether the rumors are true or not, I guess the Sixers wanted to create a buzz, which they've accomplished.

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