Sunday, December 20, 2009

'04 Hawks are SI's Team of the Decade

BEST SINGLE-SEASON TEAM: Saint Joseph's, 2004
St. Joe's didn't quite pull off a championship (losing to Oklahoma State in the Elite Eight), but the Hawks, led by incandescent point guard Jameer Nelson, became the first team to complete a perfect regular season since UNLV in 1991.

Wow not bad for a little Big 5 school. That team was fun to watch. Not to rain on their parade but the weak A-10 played a part in them finishing undefeated. It was still a huge accomplishment though


  1. Wow, surprising. Seems like a bit of a stretch. Don't get me wrong, I loved that team. But isn't winning the championship (or maybe the making the Final Four) a prerequisite for any "Team of the Decade"?

  2. I would have thought one of the UNC teams or the second Florida team or maybe that UCONN team that lost to George Mason.

    That year St. Joe ran the regular season - didn't Stanford do the same? or at least until the Conference Tourney?

  3. Yeah really, Florida!! Easily. I think Stanford did as well, and St. Joe's lost in the A10 tourney, right?
    Does SI mean the best single-season team of the decade in any sport? Crazy.
    And I like St. Joe's.
    Who was the third guard on that team Mike? Defensive stopper.

    I heard they named the 2006 Eagles the Team of the Millenium.