Saturday, December 19, 2009

Featured Fightin'

Check out Golden Glove's philliesPulse for their new Classic Featured Fightin'. Today it is Glenn Wilson, 1985 All-Star. Wilson played for Philadelphia from 1983 thru '87. I has about 25 of the card to the left. '87 topps were the best.

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1 comment:

  1. Glenbo!!! Legend. Gotta love the Don Johnson shades. Had a rocket arm in right--once threw a guy out at first base to take away a single. GH was a big fan as well (and he was a tough guy to please). Played for some wretched Phillies teams. I remember when he got 100 rbi's (85 I think) it was like they won the W.S. or something.

    Agreed on '87 Topps. Right in my wheelhouse. Nothing better. Will Clark's rookie year you know. Do kids even buy baseball cards anymore? I feel like they just drive around on motorized scooters, play ultra-violent video games, and take vicadins.