Sunday, December 13, 2009


Do you want a rumor? How about this one? Ken Rosenthal has a hunch, yup no proof just a feeling, that the Phils could land Roy Halladay after trading Cliff Lee for a package of prospects.

"So, here's the deal: Lee goes somewhere for prospects. The Phillies include the prospects in their package for Halladay, maybe keep one or two for themselves. Halladay gets his extension, the Jays get a bounty of young players and some lucky team gets Lee for one year at his bargain salary of $9 million"

I would say that this is highly unlikely. It doesn't really make sense for the Phils and it doesn't really make sense for Toronto. The Phils would trade Lee for a bunch of prospects (but less than what the Phils gave up a couple of months ago) and then turn around and trade some of those guys to Toronto for Halladay? Why would that make sense for Toronto? Why not just trade Halladay themselves for prospects? Maybe I am missing something?

I am all for a Halladay deal though. The rumors I have heard are Happ, (either) Taylor or Brown and a younger prospect like Gose for Halladay. I would give Happ and Brown. If they wanted a 3rd guy I would sub Taylor for Brown and try to give somebody less than Gose. I think Toronto would accept because it is a stronger package than the Phils gave for a year and a half of Lee.

Happ is going to be a quality starting pitcher but I still have fears that hitters will adjust to him. Taylor looks like a player but he doesn't really have a place right now with 3 all-star outfielders in the majors. I would like to hold onto Brown so he can step in for Ibanez in a couple of years or Werth if he gets too expensive.

A rotation of Lee, Halladay and Hamels would be scary good even if it would be most likely just for 1 year.

Video from BigLeagueStew via 700level.

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