Thursday, December 17, 2009

Is It April Yet?

There is only one piece of the pie left for your Phightin Phils, and that is bullpen. I trust that Amaro will go after the right pitchers that can pitch in the right roles out of the pen. There are rumors that Fernando Rodney or Mike McDougal may be the next to put on the red and white pinstripes. At this point who wouldn't want to put them on. I cannot remember a time up until now that players wanted to play in Philly. The best pitcher in baseball settled for less than what he was asking for to pitch in Philly. If this doesn't get you pumped then you better go to Flushing, New York and become one of those loser Mets fans! Which is my next point that I want to make. How 'bout them Mets! While the Phils are getting key players to make another run, the Mets are trying to negotiate a contract with a 35 year old over weight catcher hahaha. By the way if he signs with the Mets, that will be their third catcher that they signed this off season (Henry Blanco (38) and Chris Coste (34)). You know its bad when Chris Coste is making excuses for why he signed with the Mets. Although, I did hear that there are talks about going after Jason Bay, but he is not of Hispanic descent so I am sure that Minaya thinks he is no good. I hope that there are some Mets fans out there that read this, but I doubt there will be. Just in case any of you do read this though, I just want to say to all of you: Merry Christmas you losers, by the way Santa told me that he hates all of you. While all of you will be crying about being in 4th place in the NL East next year, Phils fans can go to sleep at night knowing that Roy Halladay is a Phuckin Phil!


  1. Who is the overweight catcher they are looking at?

  2. did santa say anything about me?

  3. Bengie Molina.

    Jgas, Santa told me that you were good this year, so you are in the clear