Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jesper Who? What?

Ok anyone with the name Jesper should not be allowed to speak. Has anyone heard the comments that he made? Jesper and his wife supposedly introduced their nanny at the time (Elin Nordegrin) to Tiger. Let's be honest here, Tiger is not exactly setting the world on fire with his looks, so his billion dollars are clearly more attractive than he is. Jesper is acting like Elin is a saint. I am sure that she has her flaws just like Tiger does. Like marrying Tiger for his money. The only reason that Elin even gave Tiger a chance was because of his fame and fortune. I guarantee if Tiger wrote blogs for Dirty Wudders, he would have been laughed at by Elin. I am not saying that Tiger is right, because he really screwed up, but for Jesper to make these comments about him are outrageous. He is probably just jealous at the fact that Tiger whips his ass in golf, and gets WAY MORE GIRLS THAN HE DOES. For any of you that do not know who Jesper Parnevik is, he is the asshole that wears that stupid hat and dresses up like a dick every Sunday when he loses in golf week in and week out. I mean, he should not be able to make any comments just because of the way he dresses. Panevik is quoted as saying "Next time she should use a driver instead of a 3-iron. If I were Tiger I wouldn't take these comments lightly. The PGA should make things interesting and pair these two up at the first major of 2010, and see what happens. I would love to see Tiger beat the hell out of this foreigner.


  1. Why are you mad at Tiger's wife? Jerk

  2. Haha I am not mad at Tiger's wife, I was just trying to make a point that no one is perfect. Things were doomed from the beginning of that marriage. Jesper Parnevik is a real ass hole though. He is a nobody