Monday, December 7, 2009

Jewels to Start

The 76ers will start the 2 A.I.'s at the guard positions tonight in Iversons first game, in his second stint with the 76ers. Tonight's attendance could exceed that of all of the home games played this season..Combined.

Eddie Jordan (he is the coach for those of you who have not followed the sixers since Jewels left) has said that Iverson will tell him when he is ready to come out of the game. Don't hold your breathe Eddie.

"I told him I heard for 14 years how you hate coming out of the game now they are telling me to take you out when you’re tired. He’s going to tell me. I know there are some people that may say you have to control it yourself because he may hurt himself. But the first time I am coaching Allen Iverson I am not taking him out until he tells me,” Jordan said

The 76ers will be shoting for their 10th straight loss after somehow blowing a 10 point lead with about 3 minutes left the other night. Jrue Holiday is day to day with a strained rotator cuff.



  1. Intro was pretty cool. Iverson kissed the logo. He definitly brings some excitement - won't do much long run though. Sixers fans will lose interest after a couple of losses.

    He took it to the whole on the first play and missed a layup.

    Other sixers look half decent as sixers get out to 8-2 lead.

  2. the sixers suck. Andre Igoudala is a bum. I think he gave the ball to Iverson twice, but Iverson makes that team better than they are. Even with Iverson they are still mediocre, but its good to see AI back.

  3. Igoudala had 31 points. He is the best player on the team - he's just not a max (contract)player.

    3rd worst record in the NBA. 10 straight losses