Saturday, December 5, 2009

ND Turns Down Bowl Bid

In a move that Spider Rico REALLY hoped for, Notre Dame removed themselves from Bowl consideration. Bottom line is that a 6-6 team should not be allowed in a Bowl game. Last year Notre Dame recieved a vacation to Hawaii as a reward for a bad season.

This statement was just released by senior associate AD John Heisler on behalf of Swarbrick:

"After meetings again today involving our coaching staff as well as the leadership group representing our football team, we have made the decision to remove ourselves from consideration for any postseason bowl game this year.

"Notre Dame institutionally always has been a strong advocate of the bowl system, and we sincerely appreciate the bowls and individuals representing them who reached out to us. However, the unique circumstances surrounding our program at the current time prevent us from making the commitment required to compete in a bowl game. If the landscape had been different, we would have been thrilled to take part - and we certainly look forward to being part of the bowl system in the years to come."

NBCsports had the Irish in the running for either the GMAC Bowl or the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl on the day after Christmas.

Pic is from my road trip. Nd/Uconn game.


  1. I was hoping they would accept a bowl and have to play Temple in Toronto.

  2. I think they would have played Central Michigan. I wonder if the Chippewas would have been favored?

    They should have been set up with Florida State...A couple of embarrassing 6-6 squads who used to be good.

  3. I like it. Catholics vs. Convicts in the Meineke Car No One Cares Bowl.