Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pro Bowl Rosters Picked Today

Pro Bowl rosters will be picked tonight at 7pm on the NFL Network. Which Eagles will make it? McNabb has had a good year but (probably) will not make it because Brees, Favre, Rodgers and Romo all have had as good or better years.

On Defense, Asante, Cole and Sheldon appear to have the best shot. Asante should be a lock due to his reputation and knack for the big play. He made it last year when he had an average year - this year he has 9 picks. Trent Cole has tied his career high with 12.5 sacks. Sheldon has had a good year but something tells me he will be over looked.

On Offense, Desean Jackson deserves to go but has some competition - Fitzgerald, Austin Miles, Sidney Rice and Steve Smith all have had good years. Jackson might go as a Special Teamer if he gets snubbed at WR. One of the 2 tackles might have a shot just because their are not too many good ones. I would vote Weaver because I cannot imagine another FB having as good a year. Then again, there are not too many FB's I could name...Does Kevin Turner still play? Jon Ritchie?

Akers also appears to have a good shot at kicker.

I think the birds will get 4 Pro Bowlers - Asante, Cole, Jackson and Akers with maybe McNabb being an alternate after Favre refuses to play. Am I missing anybody? No, you cannot predict Andy Reid as being the Coach after another NFC Championship loss.

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