Monday, December 21, 2009

Rant from R.H.

Temple gave Seton Hall their first loss in Jersey the other night. In Jersey. Temple's my new favorite team in case you haven't noticed. This game was Sat. night at 7. I couldn't find it anywhere at all on TV. There was high school football on, but not this. Whatever. Good point by Jerardi, rematch of the 2000 Tournament game where Temple laid an egg and lost in OT. Ty Shine (pre- Eddie Griffin black eye) and Dalembert on SHU. Ugh, what a nightmare that was.
I was looking forward to Duke- Gonzaga at MSG, and only saw bits and pieces, but had to tune out quickly. Zags didn't show up. Duke is even more nauseating when up 30 in front of their shitbag fans. Jon Scheyer.....little p***y.

Nova gets Redding back, clean and sober hopefully. They needed him too. Needed his leadership and stability with all these young guards. Plus they'll need to him to win games with the Big East schedule coming up. I guess Syracuse is good, but I can't believe they're as good as they've looked so far. Jackson and Jardine-- Neumann connection. I still can't shake the fact that they lost to that DII team at the dome in a scrimmage.
Speaking of the Nova game, this from Mushnick in the Post:

* Villanova-Fordham, Saturday, on YES. A camera found a sweet picture of a kid, 9 or 10, holding ice cream. The kid gave the camera the finger. . .

Pretty funny, but sign of the times I guess with disrespectful punk kids. Don't get me started! Shades of Costanza with the ice cream on TV....

Drexel-Kentucky tonight at Rupp. Line is now at 58 and a half. I assume Bruiser and Calipari are buddies or something. Ick. Oh well, at least Drexel gets an ESPN game that doesn't start just before dawn. How bout Calipari, coming out and saying he "disagrees" with Knight, but nothing else? If you were innocent and someone said that about you, you would come back with guns blazing. But he knows what Knight said is true, and he has no comeback. Slimy fraud. I read an article about John Wall today. Towards the end there was a blurb that he was arrested in May for breaking and entering. Sounds like a nice kid. Maybe that's why Roy Williams didn't recruit him at all (and why Cal jumped on him) even though he played in his backyard.
St. Joe's held on to beat Lehigh at home. So, um, yeah.

I actually watched the second half of Sixers-Celtics Friday night--sans Iverson. Surprisingly entertaining and they actually played pretty well and won. Also, Sheed got tossed with two T's in the first half and had to be restrained by half the Celtics bench when he got tossed. What a complete stooge. Every time I think he's done amusing me with his childish, boorish behavior, he comes through with a stunt like that.
Anyway, this Speights guy looks really good. He should easily play the bulk of the minutes at center and Dalembert should be sent to Siberia or the wilds of his native Canada. I don't care how much he makes, let's not compound the mistake by starting the guy. It was Speights' first game back from injury and he played great. I could see him being a potential headcase down the road, but he has alot of ability. His postgame interview with Zumoff and Easy Ed was tough to get through without closed-captioning. Sweet Jesus!!! Gotta love the "student"-athletes the University of Florida churns out.
Brand has also been very spry off the bench lately. And this Holliday guy looks like a keeper as well. Wait, what's this? Are the Sixers becoming watchable again??? I thought so, just for a second, until they lost at home to the Clip-Joint the very next night. Wow. Sixers-Clippers in the midst of a blizzard!!! NBA Basketball, it's fantastic!!! I'm surprised anyone showed up for that game. Oh, also, the Sixers play no defense whatsoever, and it doesn't appear they ever will. And fuggetaboutit when Iverson is on the court. It takes 4 on 5 to a new level. It's like they're trying to kill off a power play or something.

Choppy Eagles game, but a win is a win. Actually was closer than it should've been. The Niners had no chance. Coming across the country on a short week after playing on MNF. If that Walter guy didn't fumble down inside the Eagles 10, it could be a whole different ballgame. This of course was after Reid's incomprehensible decision to go for it on 4th down from his own 30!! Stunning even for him. It's dumb even when Belichick does it, and he has 4 rings. The defense was better I guess. Couldn't be any worse. Tony Siragusa, the fat moron that stands on the field and screams dumb comments/observations every minute or so, said the Eagles defense was "unbelievable". Let's calm down. I'm pretty sure they were going up against Alex Smith.
Does Asante Samuel irk anyone else? I know he makes alot of plays (although that fumble recovery was all Sheldon Brown, he just fell on it). His "tackling" is horrifically bad. How bout when he completely whiffed on that tackle? What should've been a 3 yard gain turned into a 30 yard gain. Gambles a ton too. Can't have that against competent teams or you'll get burnt. Look at the Giants game. I know he's a good CB, but he annoys me sometimes. And stop dancing after you fall on a fumble!!!

Is anyone else giddy that the wheels are starting to come off Favre and the Vikings? Brad Childress is wound tighter than Reid's belt. Crazy that the Birds could possibly move ahead of them in playoff positioning. 4th and 26 game punts thrown up by Favre, here we come! It's a shame snowball-throwing fans didn't storm the booth and bombard Kenny Albert (Son of Gay Back-Biter) and "Moose" (Moose....Christ) Johnston with snowballs. Two jackasses.


  1. Asante is an all or nothing corner. Worst tackler I have seen in a long time. Takes chances but also makes big plays. It is easy to love him and hate him during the same game.

  2. My favorite Sixers post game interview was Reggie Evans.

  3. Good point on Samuel. I was probably being a little too hard on him, but he just makes me crazy sometimes.