Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back of the Rotation Starter

Jamie Moyer underwent arthroscopic knee surgery on Monday, and according to Ruben Amaro Jr. he will not be ready for opening day. The Phils have since talked to Ben Sheets and Chen Ming Wang. The Phils have made a lot of great moves over the past few years, but the Moyer signing has done nothing but backfire. Jamie Moyer is great for the organization and all, but only as a coach at this point in his career. He is a hometown boy that really made a splash with the Phillies when he first came here, but I think that it is time for him to step aside and let someone younger step in. He is due 8 million this year, which is absurd for a 45 year old that tops out at 83mph. Again I like Moyer, but he is a broken down pitcher that reminds me of Harris form the movie Major League.

Ben Sheets, on the other hand would be a low risk, high reward free agent. Provided he is healthy he could really help out the Phils staff if he can get back to his 2007 and 2008 form. The Phils could offer him a one year contract with an option for a second year for pretty cheap. I think that this would be a no brainer for Ruben and the Phils provided he is cleared by doctors. There is a lot of upside to Sheets, but if he does go down then Old Man Moyer will be right there to take his spot in the rotation when he is healthy again.

Wang is someone that nobody should have any interest in. This guy hurt his foot running the bases two years ago, and then forgot how to pitch. He went from a 20 game winner to a triple-A pitcher. I hope that he is not being considered by the Phils, because this guy absolutely stinks!


  1. The 2nd year was the problem. I was all for signing Moyer to a 1 year deal after his '08 season but he should have been a year to year guy.

    It didn't really hurt anybody until the Phils wanted to save a buck and trade Lee.

  2. I take a chance on Chen Ming's Wang as a 5th starter. If he's healthy. Many of his injuries have not been arm-related. We'll just have someone (not Victorino) teach him how to run the bases.
    His heavy sinker would be ideal for CBP. Also, I'm sure he'd come cheaper than Sheets, which as the Phils have proven, means a whole lot to them. Just keep him away from Hamels' gay poodle...

  3. Sheets is probably too expensive for the risk.

    Wang is damaged. Wasn't his injury a shoulder? A cheap flier, maybe, but I can see a desperate team (Mets, Cubs) taking shots on them.

    Yes I said the same about Pedro last year..

  4. I think that Sheets would come relatively cheap because of all his past injuries. Once proven that he is healthy, he will probably command a lot of money. He needs to sign cheap for the first year though to prove to clubs that he can still pitch.

    Wang is a bum. I don't want him and I can't stand him. He was a bust from the moment he came over from Japan. He is another Yankee flop, and I dont want the Phils to sign a Yankee bum.

  5. A bum who twice won 19 games.

    I think the Cubs will pay Sheets.

  6. He won 19 games a couple years ago, but what has he done lately? Dice-K is the same way. Once hitters get used to their delivery they no longer are effective. Doc's boy Hidecki Irabu had two good years in the majors too.

  7. I never said he did anything recently. You said he was a bust the moment he came over from Japan. Busts don't win 19 games twice.

    Don't get me wrong - I think Wang is done - all I am agreeing with is that he may be worth a minimun wage offer.

    Yes Irabu is my boy

  8. Yea I dont think that Wang would be a good fit in Philly. He got beat up last year and I think everyone has figured this guy out.

    I think the the Phils should aggressively pursue Sheets. I mean if it came down to the Phils or the Cubs, you would think that he would choose the Phils. If he is healthy our rotation with him in there would be tough to compete with.

  9. Both of these guys are obviously question marks. Again, we're talking about a 5th starter here.
    I saw Moyer sniffing jalapeno.

    Ah yes, Irabu, the infamous "Fat toad".

  10. If Sheets is asking for 12 million a year then let the Cubs sign him, because he is too much of a liability for that kind of money. The Cubs are desperate, and if they are looking at him maybe the Phils should back off. Anyone that the Cubs sign turns out to be a major disappointment (Alfonso Soriano, Kevn Gregg).

    But if the Phils can sign him to a one year $5 million deal (which is what was offered to Jerod Washburn by the Twins, who is not as good as Sheets, but has proven to be healthy) with a club option for the second year, that would be a good deal.

    When Sheets is healthy he is not a number 5, and if the Phils can maneuver to get him at a cheap price that would set up our rotation very nicely.


    I know I am reaching for Sheets, and there is no guarantee that he is healthy, but could you imagine that rotation?

  11. Can I imagine it? well yeah, for a couple days there I though the Phils would have a Halladay, Lee, Hamels rotation.

    I am all for Sheets if his price comes down to 5 million. When healthy Sheets is one of the better pitchers in the game - i don't see his price dropping that far.(yahoo predicts 1 year 7 million)

    If the Phils dished that out for an injury waiting to happen - how would Amaro explain giving away Lee? Unless you buy the replenishing of prospects bs.

    I just feel the Phils will stick to their number because they don't really need him. Other teams really need him and will pay more.