Monday, January 11, 2010

Big Mac

BREAKING NEWS! Mark McGwire has admitted to taking steroids. Give me a break. If anyone didn't know this by now, then you are an idiot. He came out today and admitted that he took steroids throughout the 90's, including '98 when he broke the single season home run record. Everyone remembers that season when him and Sammy Sosa were chest bumping and acting all gay with each other. In an interview with Bob Costas tonight on MLB Network he spoke about what happened during his playing days when he was on the juice. Although it seemed heartfelt, and lets face it McGwire was never an arrogant prick, like that fat head Bonds, it did him no justice. He is claiming that he took steroids to get back on the field faster when he was injured. C'mon dude you mean to tell me that all those 800 foot home runs weren't the reason why you kept taking them? No one takes steroids, A.K.A. PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS, to heal faster. We all know that you are just as full of shit now as you were in front of Congress when you refused to "talk about the past" during that hearing. You should just admit the real reason why you took them, and move on with your life. Everyone, the media, the fans, and the players will respect you a hell of a lot more.

As I was watching this interview I started to think to myself about the timing of all this. He was hired as the hitting coach of the Cardinals, so he eventually had to face the media, but he never had to admit to taking steroids. Tell me your thoughts on this theory. Do you think that he finally came out and admitted only after he didn't get in the Hall of Fame the first four times around? Think about it, the closest he came to getting in was 23% of the vote mainly because of speculation that he used steroids. Maybe his thought process is screw it, I'm going to come out and get this off my chest. Maybe he is thinking that in some bizarre way that by admitting to using he will increase his chances to get in. Andre Dawson (one of the greatest RBI '93 players of all time, in any video game) was just inducted last week into the Hall, so this will give the writers a full year to ponder this issue in hopes that he gets voted in. This is also probably the reason that he said that he only used them for "health purposes". Is anyone that naive to think that he used steroids for health purposes? Be a man, and fess up.