Saturday, January 2, 2010

College Hoops

Some GREAT college basketball on TV today to take you away from the average college football(and the awful prognosticating). 5 of the 6 city teams are in action, highlighted by Temple hosting the #1 team in the nation. Villanova opens its Big East play against Marquette.

I am watching the UK vs Louisville game right now and these two teams want to kill each other. Over on ESPN2 'Nova is down 5 early. This is when I get pumped for basketball!


  1. Horrific, embarrassing display by Temple. Not that I expected them to win or anything, but they laid down quicker and more willingly than one of Tiger's women. I want the $25 back I paid for the ticket. I was apologizing to the other 3 people I bought with me.

    Lavoy Allen may be back to Larry Allen after that display. He looked petrified throughout. Looked like he never played against someone bigger than him before. He challenged Aldrich once early, got his shot blocked, and played with his tail between his legs the whole game and was more indecisive than Urban Meyer.

    Fernandez wasn't on but continued to be a chucker all game. No Pepe comparisons today. Way too many 3's for Temple, not enough penetration or high-low or anything that worked. Not one of Dunph's finer days. I saw Bill Cosby with a brown bag over his head. Then that fat Williams guy got hit in the face by a pass and flat out quit on the play. Should've been sent to the locker room.

    First time at the Liacouras Center (I still prefered Showtime at the Apollo, but whatever). Harrowing ride down to North Broad. Nah, not too bad actually. Thank God for power locks and green lights. Oh, and the concession lines were a disgrace. They knew damn well this was a sellout and seemed completely unprepared. I waited in a beer line for 25 minutes because they RAN OUT OF CUPS!!! What is this, a high school kegger in the woods?? How does that happen?!? So I couldn't even get a buzz on. Bad times all around. Also the parking garage was a nightmare. And I kept getting blinded by the glare off of Danny Manning's head.

    Thousands of Kansas fans there. Backward midwestern freaks. Crazy, PSU-like cult (zing!). If I wasn't sober and with my wife and nephew someone may have gotten punched. There was a family in front of us with their two kids in head-to-toe Kansas garb. I made sure they heard the profanities when I yelled at the refs (who sucked) a couple times. You're not in Kansas anymore. Welcome to Philly, assholes. Tell your friends and don't come back.

    Good to hear that Nova won. I heard their uniforms are now made out of hemp--suggested by Redding. Thank God conference play has started. If I see one more mediocre bowl game I'm gonna lose it. "Next on ESPN, it's some 6-6 team vs. a 7-5 juggernaut!!!" Thank God for gambling I guess.

    Syracuse loses to a decimated Pitt team at the dome. They may be a bit fraudulent. Gonzaga with a nice win at Illinois. I like this Zags squad (except for that wretched perfomance against Duke at MSG). Not the usual prancing softies Gonzaga team, they're actually pretty tough.

  2. It went from 19-17 to a 20 + deficit in like 45 seconds. That looked more like the team that eeked out a win over Penn State than the one that was lights out against Nova.

    I'm confident Dumph will get them to play their best come March.

    LaSalle lost to Binghamton!?! Mark Macon's squad? They will be lucky to get a NIT bid.

  3. Yeah, that's a horrendous loss by LaSalle. So much for them being a potential tourney team. Binghamton made the tourney last year but then in the offseason kicked like 6 guys off the team (including Neumann's DJ Rivera, who left St. Joe's under shady circumstances as well--he was let go for "undisclosed reasons"). Other guys were dealing coke, etc. They're in shambles--UNLV (of the 90's) East. And poor Macon was just given the keys to this trainwreck. They barely have enough guys to field a team. And they beat LaSalle. John Gianinni should go back to Rowan. Where's Donnie Carr to put up 35 points on 43 shots when we need him?

    DJ Rivera is Hank Gathers nephew, for whatever that's worth.
    Also, Scottie Reynolds is Bo Kimble's love-child. Ok, I made that one up.