Sunday, January 24, 2010

DWDW AFC Championship Edition

Dirty Wudders Degenerate Wagering is a feature of this blog where the DW contributors embarrass themselves picking the college and pro games of the week. Here are our picks for today's conference championship game.

N.Y. Jets (11-7) at Indianapolis (15-2) Line: Ind -8 O/U: 39.5

The Jets come in as arguably the hottest team remaining winning 7 of its last 8, many of them as underdogs. The Colts seem beatable even though they are unbeaten in games they cared about. Colts 27-16

DW Pick: Over

Doc Pick: Indy
Namesake Pick: Indy and Over

Playoff Records:

DW: 5-9

Doc: 10-4
Sec: 1-1
Namesake: 0-4

1 comment:

  1. Indy and the Over

    DW: 6-9
    Doc: 11-4
    Sec: 1-1
    Namesake: 2-4