Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pecota has Phils Winning the NL East

Thats right, for the 4th straight year the Phils will win the division! The Dodgers and Cards will also repeat as division champs. The best part of the projected standings is that the Yankees are picked finish in 3rd and that the Mets will lose another 85 games.

Pecota is an ode to former utility player Bill Pecota and stands for Player Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test Algorithm DW does not understand any of dem words but we do remember being in the Vet when Mitch Williams struck out Bill Pecota in '93 to advance to the World Series.

Is it spring yet?


  1. I can see the Phils winning and the Mets losing 85 games, but the Yankees will not finish 3rd, and the Dodgers will not win the west. That is the longest runon sentence ever haha.

  2. Why not the Dodgers? You doubted them big time last year too. They have a lot of talent and most have not yet hit their prime..Kemp, Eithier, Kershaw..doubt Billingsley will be as bad as last year..Manny also had a down year last year. I think they are a safe pick to win the West.

    They have the Yankees winning 93 games (more than the Phils) but Tampa and Boston winning more. But yeah injuries and age will have to hit them hard for them to not make the playoffs

  3. I am taking the Rockies over the Dodgers this year. This team is just as young with a really good rotation and bullpen. And Jeff Francis will be back this year at the top of their rotation. The Dodgers have a lot of holes in their starting rotation outside of Kershaw. Padilla? Billingsley? Who else is in the rotation?

    The Rockies have a dangerous offense to go along with good starting pitching. Not only do i like the Rockies over the Dodgers, but the Giants too.

  4. Billingsley has "Ace" stuff, he just has a little '09 Cole Hamels in him too.

    Colorado should be good too but not sure how much you can count on Jeff Francis. Has he pitched since he beat the Phils in the playoffs 3 years ago?

    The Ginats need Linecum and Cain to win 25 each. the Kung Fu can only do so much

  5. Jeff Francis is finally 100% and I think that he will do some damage in that division. The Rockies are above the Dodgers in my book. The thing with Billingsley is that he never really broke out. He had a good first half last year and fell apart. You can't really compare him to Cole. Cole was the WS MVP and has already proven that he is good. Billingsley still hasn't proven himself.

    The Giants have a pretty good staff after Lincecum and Cain. Madison Baumgarner is like a younger Lincecum, and although he is not the greatest, Penny is a decent 4 or 5 in pitchers park. Dont forget that the Giants signed DeRosa too, so they may have some offense this year with him and that Fat Panda.

  6. Jeff Francis has never been a great pitcher. He is a middle of the rotation guy. He will help their rotation but lets not go crazy here.

    Baumgarner is a rookie. He could be Tommy Hanson or he could be Homer Bailey. Ya never know with rooks...DeRosa will help their offense but is he really that good? (sure didn't help your fantasy team last year). Giants should be good but I'm not sure I see them jumping LA

  7. I mean Baumgarner did a good job last year filling in for Lincecum, and is projected to be in the rotation coming out of Spring Training. I hope DeRosa helps their offense more than he did for my fantasy team, because the Giants will suck.

    I just dont know why you are giving the Dodgers so much credit. Yea they have Kemp, Ethier, and Kershaw. Outside of that Manny is a year older. Rafael Belliard and Jamie Carrol are fighting for the 2nd base job (JOKE). Casey Blake is now 40. Russel was a one hit wonder, and Furcal you never know with him, he can get injured at any second.

    The team is broke, and did nothing to improve from last year. There rotation still isn't close to being set, and I think the Rockies and Giants will be fighting for the pennant.

  8. Baumgarner is a top ten prospect

  9. are predicting an NLCS between San Fran and Colorado?


  10. i meant the division, not the pennant. We all know who will be winning the pennant