Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spadaro Spits on Dallas Star

Dave Spadaro, editor of and an employee of the Eagles, videotaped his spitting on the centerfield star at Cowboys Stadium on Sunday before the Eagles played the Cowboys. The video was posted on the Web site, but was taken down sometime today.(

Spadaro has since written an open letter of apology to the Cowboys.

Dallas radio station 105.3 The Fan, wants to remind us about the last time anybody disrespected the star...

Which obviously means that Spadaro will one day write for the Cowboys website.


  1. Spadaro is an absolute genius. Someone needs to give him a raise. If I had the opportunity I would have defecated on the Dallas Star. F' em!

  2. Spadaro is a clown. Well, more like a puppet

  3. Spadaro is a complete douchebag. Desperate, transparent attention-seeking ploy to try to endear himself to Eagles fans. Didn't work. Now go have a love-fest "interview" with McNabb.