Sunday, January 10, 2010

Well, the Sixers and Flyers won

After an 11-4 start the Eagles ended their season with 2 losses to the Cowboys by a combined 58-14. And the games were not as close as the score suggests. Blame goes everywhere in this one.

The Eagles have some promising young talent but decisions have to be made. Should the coach stay? I know the answer to this one but anytime a season ends like this, the question needs to be asked. Does McNabb stay or go? He had one of his better season leading the Eagles to a 10-4 record in games he played but he saved his worst for last. He was terrible is both losses against the Cowboys. No I do not buy the theory that he missed the comfort of Jamaal Jackson's asscheeks that much. Well, maybe he did but its not why he played poorly.

While McNabb will take most of the blame, the defense couldn't stop dallas at all. The Eagles caught brakes earky in the game because Dallas shot itself in the foot with penalties. They cannot produce ANY pressure without all-out blitzes and the blitz is not as successful under McDermott. The Defense is a major concern heading into the offseason. It is time to put emphasis on the linebacker position. Jerimiah Trotter was the freakin middle linebacker on this team!

We have all offseason to bitch about this f*ckin team.

Go Phils

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