Monday, January 18, 2010

Westbrook to Retire?

The700Level, via Howard Eskin, is reporting that Brian Westbrook may be on the verge of retirement.  From the blog:

According to 610 WIP's Howard Eskin, Brian Westbrook's knee could keep him from ever playing another down in the NFL. Eskin's sources say Westbrook's knee is so bad that he likely wouldn't even pass a physical for a team in 2010.

I’m not necessarily surprised to hear B-West is retiring, but I am surprised to hear it’s not related to the concussions he has suffered recently. I knew his knee was a mess, I just didn’t realize it was a retirement-worthy mess. Most people were assuming 36 would not be back next season anyway with the emergence of LeSean McCoy and with Westbrook’s injury issues, but it will be a shame to see him go after all the great football he has provided over the years. 



  1. Doesn't really surprise me. I'm sure the concussion is an issue - he seemed spooked by it. He took a beating during his career.

    Not a bad career for a 3rd round pick out of Villanova

  2. Banner hinted this to Eskin after he had him wash his car and pick up his laundry.

    If true, Westbrook will be missed. He's underappreciated a little I think. Taken for granted at times. For being such a great player, he often flew under the radar with all the other drama that always surrounds this team.

    Carl Lindros said the Eagles mishandled his concussions.

    I love how people just think McCoy steps in and they don't miss a beat. McCoy has a LONG way to go to being Westbrook's equal.