Saturday, February 6, 2010

#2 Nova at # 7 G'Town

Villanova looks for its 10th straight conference win today against a Georgetown squad coming off a loss against South Florida. Georgetown hammered Duke last weekend. This is the beginning of a nasty stretch of games for the Cats. @ #7 today, @ #6 WVU on Monday. Syracuse is also on the horizon. Villanova knocked off Georgetown 82-77 a couple of Saturdays ago.

Can the Wildcats stop Greg Monroe? They couldn't the first time out as he dropped 29 and 16. Georgetown relies on a strong starting 5 where as Villanova has all kinds of depth. In the first meeting Villanova's bench outscored the Hoyas 25-4. Should be a good one.

If you are snowed in today - join me as I test an easier way to do a Live Blog.
Pic via Golden Glove from the 'Nova vs Irish game.


  1. Georgetown is legit. They beat Nova and Duke now in convincing fashion in back-2-back weeks!

    DUKE/UNC Wednesday night!!!

  2. They also squeezed a home loss to South Florida in between.
    Not a bad loss for Nova. They weren't going undefeated in the Big East. Georgetown played with their hair on fire. BRUTAL game for Nova Mon. night at WV. Hopefully they show up early.

  3. G'Town is a team that can look great 1 day and look terrible the next. Today they were dominant. Monroe and the other big guy (Vaughn?) were unstoppable down low. 'Nova's obvious achillies heel.

    If Freeman and Clark combine for 50 - G'Town beats anybody.

    Duke/UNC lacks some luster this year but I'll be tuned in.

    McNabbulous - The live blog is an upgrade - would have been nice to have during Phils playoff run...