Saturday, February 20, 2010

Grapefruit Express Tour: Phillies Camp

From - Karl Ravech, John Kruk and former and maybe future Mets Mgr Bobby Valentine talk Phils


  1. They make a great point in regards to how Halladay is going to rub off on the rest of the staff, in particular, Hamels.

    I'm expecting big things from both of them.

    I'm still pretty shaky on the bullpen. Who's our back-up for Lidge? I'm not willing to suffer through another season like he had last year. If he's not on point, PULL THE PLUG EARLY! Charlie showed his loyalty to him last year. We're in a pretty awesome spot right now, you can't let this get in the way.

  2. I am expecting good things from Hamels. I fully believe he got caught up in the "fabulous life". (using your best cole hamels impersonation, petting your cat and brushing your hair out of your eyes)

    Apparently Kendrick is working his ass off with Halladay. It would be nice to see him develop into a nice bottom of the rotation guy. I thought he'd be throwing heaters past sec202 in the Perky league by the dark no less.

    I hope they don't count on Moyer - at most maybe a change of pace middle reliever like he was toward the end of last year.

    I think you will know early on whether or not Lidge will be back, closer to '08 than '09. I am not sure you have to pull the plug early though - depends on the strength of the division.

    You may hate to hear this but Madson is your short term answer if Lidge fails. I expect him to continue to be a top notch set-up guy and also think he will improve as a closer...How about that for some springtime optimism?

    Baez is a wildcard - who knows how he will be. Used to be a decent closer though.

    At the end of the day - the trade deadline will have to address the closer situation if Lidge doesn't cut it.

    How about Ho to the Yanks? Say it ain't so, Ho. Say it ain't so.

  3. How about the Phils signing former Phillie killer Brad Wilkerson.

    Him and Schneider are trying to get the Expos back up and running.

    He wasn't invited to Spring training and will probably be a 'pig