Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring is Here

Now that the snow is starting to clear, and the weather is getting warmer it is time for Philadelphia to turn their focus to the REAL team of the City. It feels like years ago that the Phils were playing the Yankees in the World Series, but it is finally here. Spring training has started and the Phils new ace Roy Halladay will be taking the mound today against CC Sabathia at 1:05 in Clearwater's Bright House Field. Doc will be in attendance at the game as he made his way down there yesterday. I'm sure that he will be getting hammered at Frenchy's today, and one can only hope that he doesn't pass out at the bar. It's a good thing that Moose will not be down there this year. Last time he was there he was hammered and screaming obscenities to the opposing pitchers in the bull pen with a pit stained wife beater, mesh shorts, and high top cons on. All of this was being conducted while little kids were standing around with their dads. If that doesn't scream Kensington then I don't know what does, Moose.

Today marks the start of a long journey throughout the summer that will hopefully end with what happened in 2008. Another good thing about baseball season is that there will be more posts on the blog for all three of our readers to read. Baseball consumes about 98% of our blog, so here we go. Get ready for another season with Charlie and the Phils. They never disappoint, and if you are not pumped for this season then I would have to say go f yourself. LET'S GO PHILS!

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  1. Not sure if you guys caught the first game on tv or not - but Halladay looked incredible live. I watched him warm up in the pen next to Sabathia - he's got nasty stuff. He was mowing down batters left and right - brighthouse was buzzing. Kendrick looked great too. Oh and Jesus Werth's beard is f'ing incredible.