Thursday, May 21, 2009

Are the Phillies Good Enought to Make the Playoffs?

With the 2009 season under way and the Phillies at the top of the NL East will the defending Champs repeat, or even make the playoffs with what they have right now? For one the offense is there, and I think for the next couple of years the Phils will be at the top in offensive categories. We all know that they can hit. Jimmy Rollins is off to a slow start and let’s hope that he will come around cause he is a key part to the top of that batting order. Is Jayson Werth an everyday player? I know he started out hot, but does he have what it takes to make that transition into an everyday player? He really struggles against righties and that could be a problem down the stretch, especially if the Phils are in a pennant race. If he continues to struggle against righties do the Phils have to go out and get an extra outfielder perhaps?

Now for the terrible starting pitching. We have the absolute worst starting pitching in baseball. Outside of Hamels and Myers the Phils’ staff is awful. They are 2nd in the NL in earned runs allowed, and 2nd to last in team ERA in front of the lowly Nationals with a team ERA of 5.34. Lets face the facts - Moyer is old and coming to the end of his career. You cannot count on him to pitch 200+ innings this year and you would be stupid to think that he will not land on the DL at some point this year. Joe Blanton has done nothing for the Phils this year - yea he pitched good enough last year to win or keep the Phils in games, big deal. Chan Ho Park needs to retire or go to the pen. He is not a #5 starter. Then there is this untouchable prospect that has a 6.62 ERA and doesn’t have a win yet in the minors. This guy needs to be traded immediately before he gets any worse, he hasn't proven anything in his years as a Phillie.

If the Phils are gonna make it back to the postseason they are going to have to acquire another right handed bat and a front of the rotation pitcher. The Phillies have a lot of trade bait to acquire a big name pitcher with Donald down in the minors, who by the way has zero chance at making it with this team since Utley and Rollins hold it down up the middle. Trade that bum Carrasco, and also see if there are any takers for the other bum Kendrick.

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  1. I think the Phils have more than enough to reach the post season this year. I agree with some of your points but don't think a playoff spot is in jeopardy.. With all their pitching problems so far the Phils are currently in 1st place. I agree they may need to replace Moyer but lets give him a shot to regain his confidence against the Marlins next week.

    Outfield depth is a concern but they have guys who can get then thru a 15 day DL stint. If longer they may have to acquire an extra bat or bring up Mayberry from the 'pigs, who is hitting .276 with 8 homers this year. Werth can look bad against a tough righty but chalie knows that and can insert Stairs or Bruntlett or somebody every once in a while. Same with Feliz. Dobbs can fill in against a tough righty and hit a bomb like he did today. You are sacrificing glove so you don't want to do it too often though.

    Hamels has put together a couple of good ones in a row and I can't believe Blanton is as bad as he's been. Hopefully Lidge is coming around.

    The Phis would be stupid to dump Carrasco now. He is struggling big time but is still young and has time to develop. It seems like he's been around forever because he signed so young. He's no savior but the Phils need to stick with him as a future middle rotation guy. I could see Donald playing third someday but I agree he most likely is trade bait. Ho's a middle reliever and I have liked what I have seen from Happ in every role he's been in. He deserves a chance.

    I think you need to settle down, Section. They are the Champs. There is no other team that you should be worried about in the East right now. Take a deep breath and crack a beer, you'll feel beter.