Thursday, May 21, 2009

Michael Vick Reinstated? Are you kidding me?

Michael Vick should never be allowed to step on a football field again! This guy was the highest paid quarterback in the league a few years ago and I guess due to his lack of education or just plain ignorance he didn’t realize that its not only about what you do on the field. This moron had the world in the palm of his hands and threw it all away. I feel sorry for all of the little kids that dream of being a quarterback in the NFL someday that looked up to this D-Bag. Michael Vick should be banned from football for life. Think about it, Pete Rose is banned from baseball for betting against his team. Michael Vick is a convicted felon, why this is even a question blows my mind. This guy should rot in jail for the rest of his life. Just thinking about that hit that Dawkins laid on him in the NFC Championship puts me in a good mood. Once a criminal, always a criminal!

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  1. Hey Sec202, what about all the wife beaters, drug addicts and other criminals in the NFL? It's not like he'll be the only ex-con in the league.