Thursday, May 21, 2009

Peavy nixes deal with Chi Sox

Jon Heyman from reports that Jake Peavy has exercised his no trade clause and declined the proposed deal between the Padres and the White Sox. Tough day for the Sox, they also lost to the Twins 20-1. The Cubbies and Brewers are thought to be the front runners for Peavy.

I'm sure there are payroll reasons why the Phillies won't trade for him but how about Myers (last year of his deal), Carrasco, Kendrick and Carpenter for Peavy... Myers is a fly ball pitcher in a pitchers park so he wouldn't give up as many homers there. San Diego can afford to wait on Carrasco, because, well, they stink... plus they would unload 11 million. Might not be enough for San Diego, oh well. "I'm Ron Burgundy, Go F yourself San Diego."


  1. To get Peavy, you're going to have to give up more than marginal pitchers. You would need to trade a current ML Position Player (Werth or Victorino), a few ACTUAL minor league prospects (Drabek, Savery, Donald, Bastardo), and possibly a starter (Myers or Blanton).

    Is that worth it for a guy who wants to finish his career on the west coast and may not resign?

    We need to realize that the Phillies will never draw pitchers as long as Citizens Bank Park is still standing in South Philly. We can kiss Hamels Good-bye when he reaches free agency also.

    For the next 25 years, the Phillies will need to outscore their opponents and hope the Moyers and Blantons of the world can "get by".

  2. I agree that you would need to give up more than what I put out there but not all that you are saying. The Sox offered 2 good and 2 marginal prospects and San Diego fell over themselves accepting the deal. Carrasco is still regarded as high or higher than the names you threw out there - though I would rather hold onto Drabek and Savery. Carrasco and Donald could match the two good and Kendrick and Carpenter could match the two marginal. Is that too much? No. Is what you put out there too much? yes. No harm in throwing it out there in case the Padres are desperate in unloading Peavy's contract.

    I don't believe that the Padres have any interest in veterans and their salary's...

    I hear your point about Citizens Bank Park but understand that Little League fields are becoming all the rage in the major leagues these days (Yankee Stadium).