Thursday, May 21, 2009

Will Clark Salami Pushes Schmidt to Retire

I cannot believe it has been 20 years since #20 Michael Jack retired from the Phillies. What helped him decide, other than being on a terrible, last place team?

From's Paul Hagen

Robby Thompson hit a grounder right at third, the kind of play Schmidt had made countless times on his way to winning 10 Gold Gloves.
Except this time, the ball went through his legs for an error to load the bases. Mike Maddux relieved starter Ken Howell. And the next batter, Will Clark, hit a grand slam. "And I'm thinking, 'I'm really getting nothing out of this. We're not a very good team. I'm not playing near to the level that I'm comfortable with. What do I do now?' " Schmidt said

Mike Schmidt Through the Years. 548 home runs, 3 MVP awards, 10 gold gloves, a World Series ring. 20 years have passed since the greatest 3B of all time retired from the Phillies - makes me think, who are the top 3 Philadelphia third baseman since Schmitty? I'll go with...

  1. Scott Rolen

  2. Dave Hollins

  3. Charlie Hayes

Not many good ones... Anybody disagree with my 3?


  1. That's a pretty depressing list. When Charlie Hayes is in the top three on any list you know you've had some rough years. David Bell would like a word with you.

  2. Hayes actually had slightly better numbers in his 4 total season in philly than Bell. Plus Bell was juicing. David Bell was no Buddy Bell

  3. I think Dick Allen MUST be on that list even though he played both 1st & 3rd Base...even though he couldn't field a grounder at either bag!

  4. Dick Allen would no doubt be on the list but it is since (after) Schmitty