Thursday, May 28, 2009

That's His Quarterback!

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo pulled a Bill Parcells last week at practice, refusing to refer to T.O. by name when questioned about his former WR. The Receiver's response...

"Dude, I could care less," Owens said with a laugh following the Buffalo Bills voluntary minicamp practice. "I mean, he doesn't mention my name, that's fine. What about it"

Man, things have really changed since this press conference. Trent Edwards better watch his back.


  1. You know its eating at him. He will be jabbing at romo going forward. Dude is a complete headcase...talented as all hell but a complete wack job. I'm actually interested in seeing if Romo has success without him. I don't know. Garcia had success after, McNabb has...not sure about Romo. I dont think Buffalo will have the 1 year grace period - I think they will stink so bad that Owens will go out of his mind....I look forward to it.

  2. Disagree...I think Trent Edwards will bow down to whatever T.O. says. He's not established enough to know otherwise.

    They'll finish about 8-8 but T.O. will be happy because he'll be touching the ball at least twice a drive and he'll be a hero in Buffalo.

    Does anyone actually think T.O. cares about winning?

  3. I hope T.O. becomes and afterthought this year.

    He went to Buffalo because he had nowhere else to go. Everyone remembers the look on his face at the press conference a few months ago. It was basically "What did I get myself into?" I think he realizes how great he had it everywhere else.

    During the 2010-11 season, he's going to be working in the NFL Network booth next to Deion and Emmitt talking about how McNabb isn't appreciated in Philadelphia.