Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memphis will have to deal with what Coach Cal left behind

I am shocked to hear about the NCAA's allegation of academic fraud at the University of Memphis while John Calipari was Head Coach. He seems like such an honest forthcoming man yet these allegations continue to plague him. What a fraud this guy is. The rat escapes Memphis and gets his "Dream Job" at Kentucky just before this comes out. Don't try to tell me he didn't know this was coming.

John Calipari has led 2 different schools to the Final Four and now most likely, both will be removed from the record books. In 1996 Calipari was accused of recruiting violations and Marcus Camby accepted money from an agent. Though Calipari's slate was wiped clean - UMASS paid the penalty with a tarnished reputation and a removal of its Final Four appearance from the record books. Looks like it will happen again. In a statement late Wednesday, Kentucky said Calipari had received a letter from the NCAA saying he was not at risk of being charged with any NCAA violations in the case. Something tells me Memphis will have to pay the penalty.

This is what John Chaney was trying to tell us when he threatened to kill Calipari at that press conference back in 1994.


  1. They said it was a guy that only participated on the 2007-08 team and he cheated on his SATs. Doesn't it have to be Derrick Rose?

    He leaves Memphis and they're facing recruiting allegations and he's going to Kentucky who is getting sued by their former coach (granted Calapari had nothing to do with that).

    He's a cancer!

  2. It is definitely Derrick Rose. I also heard Rose's brother got free flights on the team charter.