Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wes Helms? Really?

Old Man Moyer pitched a pretty decent game last night, giving up 4 runs on 6 hits through 6 innings, but failed for the fifth straight time to reach that elusive win No. 250. Former Philly flop Wes Helms led the Marlins with 4 RBI's, including a 3-run homer off Moyer in a 5-3 victory last night at Citizens Bank Park. Save for Ryan Howard's two bombs there really wasn't much to cheer about for the WFC's on Monday night. The Phils had opportunities to score but the Marlins pitching wouldn't allow them to get anything going. One opportunity came with runners at first and third with one out in the 4th inning following back-to-back singles from Victorino and Feliz, but strikeouts by Carlos Ruiz and Jamie Moyer ended that threat. Another chance came during the 'Slacks Hoagie Shack WTF Are You Doing Moment' in the 9th inning. With the Phils down 5-3 and Victorino on first base following a lead off walk, Victo inexplicably attempted to steal second base only to be gunned down by Ronnie Paulino. Victo should know better than to attempt a steal in that situation, and to his credit he did admit to reporters after the game that he effed up. Heavy B faces off against Andrew Miller tonight at 7:05 in Game 2 of the series - GO PHILS!

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  1. Wes Helms and Ronnie Paulino star against the phils last night?...I would have believed Abe Nunez and Sal Fasano before those two. Baseabll gods screwing with us...