Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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Disgruntled Arizona Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin has reportedley fired his agent, Drew Rosenhaus. The agent had been unsuccessful in getting Boldin the deal or the trade that he was looking for. It had been said that Boldin was looking for a deal in the neighborhood of what teammate Larry Fitzgerald received last year, approaching $10 million per year. The three time pro bowler has not participated in any of the Cardinals workouts this off season due to what is said to be a "sore hamstring". Sure...

The Eagles were said to have made the most serious run at Boldin on draft day offering their own disgruntled, Sheldon Brown and a 3rd rounder but were quickly shot down.

Before you go ahead and shed tears for "The Most Hated Man in Pro Football", realize that Rosenhaus Sports still has over 100 active clients within the NFL not including free agents Plaxico Burress and Edgerrin James.

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  1. Fuck him. I heard he's crying all over his Twitter account about this.

  2. I'm convinced that Scott Boras and Drew Rosenhaus are actually the same person. First they become bigger than any agent should get, then they screw up the negotiations of one of the sports big stars, and finally they crawl back into the shadows (as multi, multi millionairs). Pretty nice life!

    If I'm an athlete, I'd say screw the agent, save the 10% on my salary and get my law degree. It's better than spending your last year at USC taking ballroom dancing.