Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No Longer 'The King'?

As reported by John Gonzalez of the Inquirer on Tuesday, Howard Eskin of 610 WIP may not be the king of sports talk radio anymore. Mike Missanelli, whose show airs on ESPN 950, recently beat Eskin in the 25-54 male demographic, the most important demo in terms of their target audience.

I find Eskin to be a smug, arrogant ass, and I usually can't listen for more than five minutes. He hosts a call in talk show, yet rarely allows his callers to voice an opinion differing from his. Missanelli used to have a similar style when he was on 610, but since moving over to 950 has adopted a new approach - now he's 'the nice guy' on sports talk radio. Isn't he the same host who was once fired for punching his producer during a commercial break?


  1. I like Missaneli - rarely agree with what he says but the lawyer in him makes for some interesting arguments no matter how off the wall. Big Jody Mac fan

    I hate Eskin's callers more than I do him. They call up challenging him, then back down ending up calling him the king. I like the WIP mid-day guys and like Rhea, Conklin, Jonsey and Morganti but Cataldi infuriates me to the point of almost driving off the side of the road.

    Nice - Phils hitting Peavy around early. 3-0 and the bullpen is warming

  2. Did I hear that WIP is freaking out so bad over this that they're giving Eskin a co-host? I love it. That's gotta hurt the ego.

    I REALLY hope they don't give the co-host gig to Gargano. Although I love Cuz, I think he will try to be too Eskin-ish and bow down like most of his callers do.

    Cuz is perfect where he is and I could listen to him all day long....as long as he stays away from Eskin.

    Not a big Missinelli fan, but it's better than listening to Eskin.

  3. I had to stop listening to Missaneli after the NFC Championship. That whole week he acted like it was a foregone conclusion that the Eagles would be in the superbowl. He refused to even talk about the game and the possibility that Arizona would even put up a fight.

    I can't listen to Eskin either because it's pretty much commercials the whole time. He takes one caller, berates them, and then promotes the slingbox. It's fugging annoying as hell. Plus he will never say anything negative about the Eagles but will bash the shit out of the Phillies.

  4. Thats what Missaneli does. He picks a side and then says the opposite CANNOT happen. "There is no way the Eagles can lose this game". If the opposite happens he rips the team saying they choked - never that he was wrong.

    After game 1 of the World Series he said "There is NO way the Phillies can lose the World Series". He just makes statements and then bases his following shows on why he was right or why the team he backed, failed. All that being said I still like him better than Eskin.