Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sheldon a No-Show at OTA's

Disgruntled cornerback Sheldon Brown did not report to Eagles organized team activities this morning. He was the only player not to make an appearance today. While OTA's are advertised as being voluntary, the fact of the matter is that players around the league know they are mandatory. Brown not showing up will surely do nothing to help his quest to get traded or have his contract restructured.

I don't know what Brown is hoping to accomplish by not making an appearance. If the past is any indicator, the Eagles will not respond favorably to strong arm tactics by players under contract, and they seem to get especially irked when a player feels the need to make his case public. In my opinion, his best bet would be to show up, shut up, and let things play out behind the scenes.


  1. Sheldon and Asante are interesting situations to compare. The Eagles and Pats offered them long term security as young players. Samuel turned it down risking injury for the chance of a big time free agent contract down the road. He got it. Brown accepted the early deal and now feels like he is underpaid.

    Birds could have a pretty deep defensive backfield if Sheldon comes out to play.

  2. If we hold onto Sheldon, I'm afraid that he'll turn into a Lito. I think the Birds learned their lesson and will make sure he's gone before the season starts.

    The only way that I would entertain re-doing his contract would be if he moved to FS. That way he could play there this year and if it doesn't work out, we can cut him and draft Taylor Mays in next year's draft.

  3. Yeah I always thought he would be a good free safety