Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hot Seat

Manny Acta is reportedly on the hot seat to lose his job for the Washington Nationals. He has been the manager for the Washington Nationals since 2007, and has compiled a record of 152-233. He was 6th in votes for manager of the year in 2007 when he led the Nats to a 73-89 record. Taking the manager position for a team like the Nationals is an uphill battle for anyone. A long time assistant for the Expos and a young energetic guy is why the Nationals brought him in to be the manager. I can only imagine how frustrating his time has been as the Nationals manager. Year in and year out the Nationals have been throwing scrubs out there to get beat up by the very tough NL East. My question is, how can this guy be on the hot seat?

Manny Acta has done everything that he possibly can do to try and win ball games. The organization should maybe start to look on the inside if they are going to fire anyone. How about the player development team, or the scouts that draft these bums every year? There is no way that this is Manny Acta's fault. He has nothing but young pitching to deal with, and for some reason they keep trading for outfielders. How many outfielders can you possibly have on a National League team? The reason for the Nationals being on track to lose the most games in MLB history is not because of Manny Acta. This team has been so bad for so many years, and you would think that that they would have some really good prospects on the rise like the Rays did. Where are they? Is Manny Acta to blame, or is it the front office?

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  1. It's change for change sake. It's kind of like Mo getting canned by the Sixers. It wasn't Mo's fault they stunk but they needed a change.

    The Nats are making changes. The pitching coach was fired earlier this year, Bowden, the GM was run out of town for ripping off Latin American players.

    They do have prospects coming up thru the system. Jordan Zimmerman and Ross Detweiler were their 1st 2 picks in the '07 draft and already in the majors. Strasburg may or may not be joining them depending on the $$ and their other 1st round pitcher has already signed. If Strasburg and Storen come up, that is a pretty solid core to build with, though they are not ready to win.

    I agree that the front office or whoever is picking these players is first to blame. But Acta is putting that slop out onto the field.

    When watching the Nats play, the thing that is most clear is the lack of discipline and terrible defensive - just ask L.A. Teams have been able to hide lack of talent by playing good defense. The Nats do not. How many times have you seen Adam Dunn miss play a ball? Or Elijah Dukes or Lastings Millidge do something completely stupid to hurt the team? That is at least somewhat the managers fault.