Wednesday, June 3, 2009

J.C.'s Back

J.C. Romero will return to the Phillies bullpen today after serving his 50 game suspension for (unknowingly) taking performance enhancing drugs. Romero should be a welcome addition to a 'pen which has been heavily worked due to the early season struggles of the starting rotation.

Will Chalie insert him right back into his 7th inning role or will he ease him back maybe into a lefty specialist or 6th inning role until he shows he is back? J.C. has been one of the best relievers/setup guys in baseball since being aquired by the Phillies in Mid '07. After being released by Boston he came to Philly and sported a 1.24 ERA throughout the rest of the year and followed that up by putting up a 2.75 ERA last year.

The Phillies sent down Sergio Escalona to the 'Pigs to make room. Jack Taschner will stay with the club.


  1. Taschner was such a disappointment. I thought he was going to be a solid addition.

    I think it'll take Romero a little while to get back to his old form (especially minus the steroids) and we'll need the starters to go deep into games so we can work him back into the mix.

    If he's solid, we can split Condrey & Romero in the 7th inning, Romero & Madsen in the 8th inning, and Lidge in the 9th. This addition could significantly improve one of the worst pitching staffs in the league...

    ...oh wait, worst pitching staff in the league and we still have a 2.5 game lead in the division!

  2. Another random thought...

    Chris Young is on the mound tonight for the Pads. The guy is officially the worst pitcher at holding on runners. Despite his Ivy League education, we can get a TON of stolen bases tonight if we're patient at the plate. If I am Rollins, Victo, Werth, etc., I'm getting on first base in any way possible because it's almost a guaranteed pass to 2nd & 3rd base (and in Werth's case, even home).

    Sweep tonight would be huge going into the Dodgers series.

    ...Also, thanks for the insight NardDog.

  3. Oh that's right - this is the guy Fowler from Colorado ran wild on. He must have missed pickoff practice at Princeton due to basketball practice. Was he there with John Thompson?

    I think Narddog was having some technical difficulties...or he was just introducing himself.

  4. Sweep tonight would be huge. I was thinking 5-5 on this road trip would be a success, but a sweep in this series all but guarantees a winning record on the trip.

  5. Yeah, Puerto Rico, I was having trouble. Namesake kept screwing with me.

  6. I think Romero will ease back in to the set up guy. Thank God he is back we need another lefty out of that pen