Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Unit

Just three days after Jaimie Moyer picked up his 250th career win there is another big unit trying to make his mark in history. I think for the first time in their short lived franchise all eyes will be on National Stadium. Randy Johnson will be pitching against the team that originally drafted him when they were known as the Montreal Expos for his 300th career win. This is Randy Johnson's 22nd year in baseball and has dominated for most of his career. Could this be the last 300 game winner that we will ever see? Also, is he the most dominant pitcher of this era? His numbers back it up and with 6 more wins he will move ahead of Tom Glavine for 21st all-time in victories. This guy is a first ballot Hall of Famer, and most importantly he is on my fantasy baseball team. So for all of your sake and mine lets see The Big Unit close the deal on 300 tonight.


  1. My sake?
    I doubt we will see another any time soon. Maybe Sabathia someday? doubtful though

  2. "and most importantly he is on my fantasy baseball team."


    Sabathia could be a possibility. What about Santana?

  3. Santana is from the Dominican so no one knows how old he really is. He wont be around long enough to win 300. He could be 40 for all we know.

  4. Maybe down the road, someone will actually change the way pitchers are groomed and we'll go back to the days where pitchers can pitch every four days and throw 125 pitches consistantly.

    If not, we probably won't see another.

  5. The Unit will try again at 4:35 against Jordan Zimmerman and the gNats