Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jordan and other NBA thoughts

It's interesting that a better part of a week has gone by here without the mention of new Sixers head coach Eddie Jordan. I'm a Sixers fan, but I just cannot get excited about this news. I remember him as a highly touted assistant on the Jersey teams that were losing to the Lakers in the Finals years back but he didn't do too much in Washington when given a chance. 4 playoff berths and subsequent quick exits don't create excitetment in the Eastern Conference. I guess my problem is that while the Sixers keep shuffling coaches year in and year out they are going to have to realize that maybe coaching isn't thhe problem. The Sixers are stuck in NBA purgatory - not bad enough to get good thru the draft and not good enough to advance the way they are. I think we will be seeing #6 or #7 seeds and 1st round eliminations until something gives. That may be good enough in Jersey or DC but not Philly.

Very nice to see Jameer Nelson returning to play in game 1 of the NBA Finals. I don't think Orlando can rely on him too much but he could serve as a sparkplug behind 'Skip to my Lou'... I think the Magic can hang with the Lakers and may knock them off if Howard can stay out of foul trouble. That being said, they were hanging with them until a questionable offensive foul on Howard forced him out of the game and the Lakers jumped to a 10 point half time lead.

Do you think the Magic players rip assistant coach Patrick Ewing for his ridiculously terrible Snickers commercial? Patrick Chewing? Horrible


  1. Iguadala and a 2nd rounder for Jameer Nelson. Maybe a 1st rounder if necessary.

    It will give us some cap space for next season and a solid point guard.

    PG - Jameer Nelson
    SG - Lou Williams
    SF - Thaddeus Young
    PF - Elton Brand
    C - Dalembert (eventually Speights)

    Bench - Willie Green, Jason Smith, etc.

    The Magic already have Skip to My Lou and they would love to have another scorer.
    I feel like it's been so long since I talked about the Sixers. It's hard to imagine that the season only ended a few weeks ago.

  2. They are not going anywhere until they get a superstar on this team. You have to tank in the NBA to get a top pick in order to be good in this league. At least that's what it seems like.

    If they could get Nelson I would be thrilled. I would be more thrilled, though, if they could unload Dalembert.

  3. are you kidding me? Ewing rocking the "fade" hairpiece alone is worth watching every time.

    He kinda sounds like another Snickers Star with that yell. na Na, na Naaa.

  4. I like the thought but I doubt the salaries match up. I think Iguodala is making double Jameer. Orlando would probably have to throw in a high priced stiff in the deal.

  5. Stefansky is a smart guy----he understands the risks--a few years ago he was a high potential gm in waiting. Let's give him the chance he needs--Eddie Jordan is the guy he wants--no one knows him better than Stefansky---the team does need a system--certainly did not have that under Mo Cheeks and the interim guy. Somehow-someway--Sammy must go!!!

  6. They need players to implement the system. Iguodala and Young are their top players and they play the same position. I like Stefanski, I think he has made 2 good draft picks given where he was drafting (maybe 3 if J Smith get healthy). Right now they have no point guard, Lou Williams or Willie Green at SG (Green is a bench player and at this point nobody knows if Sweet Lou is anything more than a sparkplug), AI and Thad Young at the 3, Brand, Sammy, Speights, and Smith at the 4 and 5.

    I think they should try to deal Iguodala for a scoring guard. I liked the Magic idea but salaries must be similar. If no takers - I hate to say it but Thad probably has a lot of trade value right now

  7. While I still believe Stefanski has been and will be good for Sixers--I do think he overpaid Iguodala. Agree that they should try to trade him for scoring guard (I like your scoring guard as opposed to shooting guard)but believe his $$/ROI will scare many other teams. Kid Thad has such a huge upside--would hate to see us lose him-----but-----you are probably right.