Friday, June 5, 2009

King Cole Dominates

The Dodger lineup must have thought they were experiencing déjà vu last night with Cole Hamels on the mound. Reminiscent of his domination of LA in the NLCS last year, Hamels pitched a complete game shutout last night, facing only 29 batters and throwing only 97 pitches in the Phils 3-0 victory.* Last night’s win extends the Phillies win streak to 7 games, and more importantly extends their lead in the NL East to 4 games - the Mets getting swept deserves its own post.

4th Inning, Utley doubles, moved to third on a Werth groundout, scored on sac fly by Howard.
6th Inning, RBI double by Rauuuuullllll
7th Inning, RBI single by Werth scored Chooch.

Hamels was the show last night, though - no question about that. Anybody make it through the whole game? Damn West Coast games are killing me.

His wife was in the stands last night, too. Definitely a babe.

Go Phils!

*I know Hamels didn’t pitch a CG SO in the NLCS, just saying he dominated.


  1. By the way, there are some sweet pics of his wife if you Google her. I didn't want to get fired from my job for clicking on the links, but I was definitely tempted.

  2. 97 pitches in a complete game is Maddux-like. I made it thru 7 strong...and not suprisingly was late for work.

    This sure looks like an NLCS preview

  3. I agree with Namesake, (babe) even though he is a huge faggot.

    Hopefully Moyer can build on his last win and not blow the win streak.

  4. Hamels looked awesome last night. A couple years ago he would only pitch games like that against the Reds & the Nats. It's great to see him so this against a solid team.

    His wife? She bothers the hell out of me! What, she can show up and sit right on the dugout in LA, but where is she in Philly? It's not like she lives in LA. She's trying to be a super model and she's not even that hot. She looked anorexic when she took her clothes off on survivor and she still looks that way.

    The Beatles and John Lennon were ruined by some crazy broad named Yoko Uno. We can't let the Phillies and Cole Hamels get ruined by some crazy Survivor chick named Heidi!

    Okay, that may have been going a little overboard, but I really can't stand her.

    Go Phils!

  5. Heidi Hamels >>>> Yoko Uno

    and Hamels seems to be getting better, Lennon became a selfish jerk and tore apart one of the greatest bands of all time.