Friday, June 26, 2009

Lunch Time Draft Rant

Luch Time draft rant from friend of DirtyWudders R.H....
On the surface, the Magic trading for Vince Carter seems like a good move. I guess they're thinking Turkoglu leaving is a foregone conclusion. But why would a team that just went to the Finals and seemed to have pretty good chemistry bring in Carter? A me-first malcontent that has admitted to quitting on teams. Unless he changes his stripes, no team with him on it will ever win it all (he's like Iverson and McNabb that way). I would've overpaid Turkoglu if I was them.

Anywho, onto the draft, since I can't talk about the Phils right now without banging my head on the keyboard. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't like the Sixers pick, although I am naming my next kid, boy or girl, Jrue. Granted, they weren't gonna get a star at 17. But I would've taken Lawson or Maynor, both experienced and proven, over this guy. First, is he even a point guard? He couldn't play over Collison at UCLA (who I also would've taken). He played it in high school I guess ('08 high school player of the year!.....dunking on 5'11 white kids I assume). I'll admit, I didn't see many UCLA games last years, but when I did see them, I don't even remember Holiday, which can't be good. I don't know, I put more stock in how guys actually played in college than in "potential" and "upside". He averaged 8 points a game and more TO's than assists. Christ. They say he can play the 2 as well? At 6'3 in today's NBA? And don't we already have a shooting guard that can't shoot? At least you know Lawson and Maynor are point guards. And this guy will now learn how to play the point on the job in the NBA from.....Lou Williams? Princeton offense with these two braniacs? Ugh. Again, I hope I'm wrong.

Don't like Harden at #3 at all. Only saw Arizona St. once--against Temple in the tournament, and he was thoroughly unimpressive. Reminds me of a fat, crafty older guy that would clean up in a 3-on-3 halfcourt game, but not in the NBA.
Looking forward to watching Rubio play--him and Love on the same team is intriguing. Two great passers. Don't understand the T-Wolves then taking Johnny Flynn at all. Even if they both turn out to be really good, they can't co-exist. You're telling me Johnny Flynn isn't going to be sulking if he's not starting?? Would've taken Curry. Him and Rubio together would've been fascinating. Flynn's barely 6'0. Only freaks like Iverson can be really good at that height. Seems like a backup PG to me.
Curry would've fit in great for the Knicks and D'Antoni's style, too bad they were one pick late and ended up with Jordan Hill (black Frederick Weis). I love when the NY crowd hellaciously boos and David Stern stands there awkwardly.

After that it was pretty uneventful--lots of point guards and foreigners. I fough to stay awake during the Larry Brown interview. He's gonna teach Gerald Henderson how to "play the right way" (blah-freakin'-blah). Brown and a cocky ex-Dukie? They may be my new least favorite team!

How about Dante Cunningham going before Blair and Sam Young?? I love how they said they talked to Jamie Dixon by phone and he was "shocked" neither went in the first round. Whiny homo. You just knew the Spurs were gonna gobble up Blair, and you know he'll play really well for them. Cunningham was kind of like the first pick in essence for the Blazers too---their first round pick was a foreigner that's a few years away. I think he could be a decent role player.

Kenny (King of) Payne


  1. It sounsd like Rubio won't be playing for the T'wolves anytime soon. His dad is saying he'll go back to Europe and play 1-2 more years there. Pussy.

  2. No middle ground on the Carter pickup. He either adjusts to being a complementary piece on a championship caliber team or it goes downhill like the post '01 Derrick Coleman Sixers... I will never forgive Larry Brown for ruining the Sixers. He built them, but he made sure there was no future once he left. Can't beat Detroit? Might as well join them. Jerk.

    I can't say I know too much about Jrue but drafting with an eye to the future is a smart move in my eyes. He, more than likely, would have been a top pick next year. Better value than Lawson or Maynor - though I do like both as pg's in the NBA. Sixers need potential difference makers. This is the David Stern NBA where if you don't have a top 3 pick, you cannot win...unless you can pull off some ridiculously unfair trades. Pau Gasol for Aaron Mckie etc? McKie had been out of the league fot 2 + years and was a Sixers assistant when he got traded...Also, somebody wanted Boston to win. Again, this is the David Stern NBA. He deserves the humiliation he got the other night. He doesn't get ripped enough.

    Agree, there has to be a trade brewing on the Rubio/Flynn pickup. Rubio is probabaly overseas or going to demand a trade. Honestly, I think he is a bust. Sebastian Telfair sytle. PG's need to be the QB's of the team- Experienced, smarter than eveybody else...sht I just contridicted myself on Jrue didn't I? I blame the scotch that I am drinking....I love scotch, scotchy, scotch, scotch.
    I still think the pick was worth the risk.

    Wished the Sixers could have bought a 2 to get Blair. I thought he was overrated as a top 10 pick but unbelievably underrated as a 40 something pick. Worth the tractor traylor risk.

    Sixers invite Dionte Christmas to summer league. Am I the only one that thinks he could start for the 76ers tomorrow?