Friday, June 26, 2009

The Morning After

Megan Fox, in honor of Transformers 2 coming out today...

Rays 10 Phils 4: The Phillies suck. They've lost 10 of 12 and are somehow still in first place. I really dont want to go into the details of last night's game. They went up 4-0 in the first and were down 6-4 after the 2nd. Jimmy Rollins was benched. Boo.

Yankees 11 Braves 7: A-Roid tied Reggie Jackson with his 563rd home run, and Mariano Rivera earned his 499th career save in the Yankees' 11-7 victory over the Braves last night. Rivera needs one more save to join Trevor Hoffman as the only closers with 500 saves. Boo.

NBA Draft: The Sixers drafted Jrue Holliday with the 17th pick. A lot of mock drafts had Holiday as a lottery pick so the Sixers actually made out pretty well. More to come on the pick later today.

Vince Carter: Vince Carter was traded to the Magic last night in exchange for PG Rafer Alston, SG Courtney Lee and PF Tony Battie. Hedo Turkoglu opted out of his contract with Orlando. In a related story, the Sixers are still 5 years away from being any good. Boo.

RIP Michael Jackson: I'll be honest, MJ is my boy. Aside from the pedophelia and face mutilation, the dude was awesome. Dirty Wudders long time reader/commenter Moose shed a tear and poured his 40 out for his fallen hero last night.


  1. RIP King of Pop

    What the hell were Feliz and Stairs thinking? The team is not focused.

  2. Michel Jackson was an incredible musician....Weird dude, but definitely changed music the way Beethovan, the Beatles and Elvis did.

    Drew (I'm not spelling it Jrue) Holiday is a nice pickup for the Sixers. I still can't believe that he's 6-5 (he looks about 5-11), but hopefully he'll continue to develop and in 10 years when the Sixers are ready to compete, maybe he'll be ready.

    Is it possible to get Andre Miller for a one year deal to help develop this kid? I'm not sure what he's asking for $$-wise.

    Carter added to the Magic and Shaq added to the Cavs turns that into a great rivalry. Should be fun to watch next year.