Thursday, June 4, 2009 to Charge for Content

This really pisses me off. Brian Tierney, the Chief Executive of Philadelphia Media Holdings, told Good Day Philadelphia that will begin charging for its content by the end of the year. includes content from both The Daily News and The Inquirer.

"I think by the end of this year we'll starting doing what a lot of other newspapers are looking at doing and charging something for it,” Tierney said. “We can’t spend $53 million on newsroom costs and give it away on the back door in terms of things. There will be a small charge for that.”

When asked by Fox 29’s Steve Keeley when such a charge would go into effect, Tierney said “by the end of the year.”

I am a big fan of, as a lot of times I can't get my hands on a newspaper while at work or at home. I'll be honest though, I refuse to pay to read news online. I don't know if I'm in the minority or not, but I am fine gettting my news and sports elsewhere if they begin charging. National sports and news sites are abundant (and free), and as much as I love the sports section of The Daily News, I will make the sacrifice. I know times are tough, but I don't think this is the answer to their problems.

Will you pay to visit


  1. It's a shame, because this has been a long time in the making. Tierney could market it a little better though. Instead of saying that you need to pay for the content, he should say that in order to access additional in depth stories, you can register to become a " Phan" (I know it's corny, but you know what I mean). He should also include that current print subscribers to the Inquirer/Daily News get automatic (free) access to the additional articles (which should drive up print subscriptions).

    ESPN did it with 'Insider', and WSJ & New York Times are doing it as well.

    Now, the Inquirer/Daily News is nowhere near the quality of those news outlets, but they are the most credible journalistic outlets that are geared directly to news/sports/politics of the Philadelphia region.

    There will always be room for a local newspaper, but Tierney & Co. need to find a way to get people to pay for the content because right now I have no reason to walk down to a newstand and pick up a Daily News because 100% of that materials is on at no cost.

    To answer your question...Yes, I would lay a small fee to read articles on

  2. It's definitely going to suck when they do this. I'm pretty sure I'd never pay for more in depth articles. Spider, when you sign up make sure you share your password with Dirty Wudders.

  3. At first I doubt I would pay for it since I have a print subscription. But if the newspaper fades away like many predict. I'll be forced to.

  4. the newspaper will fade away if they are clueless enough to charge print subscribers to access online content.

    I truly love reading the paper in the morning over my coffee - but also know that my friends are reading the same content without the privilege of walking outside in the morning rain and then getting ink all over their fingers (and cereal) while paging through.

    If paid content is the only way to keep this ship afloat - charge everyone else for online access (smart to give them a teaser as SRico said) and give me something (anything!) to brag about for once for being a loyal subscriber.