Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rumor: Phils Looking at Penny

Rumor has it that the Phils may be in the hunt for Brad Penny, via the Boston Globe:

You can make a case that Brad Penny might be the most-watched pitcher in baseball. Why? Because there are so many teams who would love to pry him from the Red Sox and get him into their rotation.
Last night was no exception, with scouts watching from behind home plate. Philadelphia and Texas appear most interested.

I know we blasted the idea of the Phils getting Penny a few weeks ago, but the guy has been on fire lately. With Peavy and Bedard both going down with injuries, he may be the Phils best bet at this point. They need to do something about their starting rotation and the options are starting to dwindle. I would consider making a move if the price were right.

Your thoughts?


  1. I think the price would be Donald. Donald is struggling big time this year - may even be hurt. I would not love it but would take it.

    Is he a fly ball pitcher?

  2. I am not a big Penny fan. I think if they are going to give up prospects then the Phils should get someone that will pitch for a couple of years. I think that the Phils should explore other options.

    One guy that I really like but haven't heard if the Twins were entertaining offers is Francisco Liriano. I know he was injured, and he is struggling a little bit this year. This is the type of guy that just needs a change for him to get back to where he was. The twins are always looking for prospects being a small market team, but I am not sure uf the Twins are willing to part with Liriano.

  3. That is a good name but I'm not sure why Minnesota would give him up. I would imagine he is under their control for a couple of more seasons. A couple of years ago, he was the best pitcher on a team where Johan Santana won the CY Young.

    It somebody to think about though

  4. Who is the skinny guy on that card and what did he do with Brad Penny? Penny always seems like he's one pitch from throwing his arm out. Plus he'd be around cheesesteaks. I'd look elsewhere.

  5. The Phils blew there chance at Halliday by getting swept but I'd take a look at Cliff Lee.

    Not interested in Bedard