Thursday, June 18, 2009

Say it Ain't So Rauuulllll

Via The700Level comes this piece of bad news:

So with everything going just swimmingly for the Phillies right now, the beat writers share more great news: Raul Ibanez, the team's best player so far this season, will hit the DL with a strained left groin. JohnMayberry will be called up to take his roster spot. David Murphy says Big John will bat 7th and play RF, with Jayson Werth sliding over to left. (Via Murphy and Zolecki's twitters).

This sucks. I have nothing else to say.


  1. That does blow, but you had to figure at some point during the season Raul would hit the DL. Lets just hope that this isn't serious and he will be back in 2 weeks.

  2. Damn - I thought he just couldn't find a skate, err shoe, to fit. Wasn't that the report the other day? He was clearly favoring something the last couple of days. It is definitely a set back but lets see what Big John can do.

    I would like to see Michael Taylor move up to AAA to take Mayberry's spot. SOB can hit

  3. Who says that blogs can't break news? 700level should be careful about stories like this. As long as they don't mention the word 'steriods' or 'stool', they should be fine. Over the weekend, they said he had a strained Achilles and now it's a groin. He just needs a break.

    I don't know why they would move Werth to left. Does anyone remember the goof that cost us the game against the Yankees? Mayberry is supposed to be a good outfielder. Why can't he play left and keep Werth at his usual position?

    Doc - I don't think it's a good idea to move Taylor up yet because he'll need to go right back down when Mayberry gets sent down. Let's see if this kid can sustain a good average for long and make sure that he's not just another one hit wonder...ahem, Jason Donald, ahem...

  4. As long as Mets, Braves, etc keep losing--Phils are ok with a slump and some injuries--let the kids play--play Kid Mayberry--hell--bring up Kid Taylor--I agree with SR that Werth should stay in right

    Joe Doc

  5. There is no reason Taylor couldn't move over once Mayberry returns - or have Mayberry move over if they want him in RF. Its not like they are oozing talent over in the Lehigh Valley.

    Agree that they won't because they don't have room at the major league level if they succeed. One of the two (M'berry, Taylor)is most likely trade bait so the Phils would rather see them succeed at one level than potentially hurt their stock at the next. I would rather see Mayberry go in a deal.

    I think Donald's upside has always been utility a Nick Punto

  6. A blog did not "break the news", it is where we got it. I actually found out about it from a 'tweet' from Kevin Love

  7. When is Brad Lidge coming back? How embarrasing is it that Rod Barajas is killing us? He pussied out at the play at the plate when he played for Fightens and couldn't hit a lick.