Thursday, June 18, 2009

Top 5 Safeties

Each week from now until the start of the regular season, Hall of Famer Ray Didinger is giving his Top 5 players, position by position in Eagles history. If you were to tell me that Ray Didinger invented the game of football I would believe you. He also carries Ed Rendell on Post Game live. I will hold off on that rant for another time. Here is his list of top safeties.

#1 Brian Dawkins (1996-08):

Dawkins played in more games than anyone in Eagles history (183) and tied the club record for interceptions (34). He had 23 sacks and forced 41 fumbles, including the postseason.

#2 Bill Bradley (1969-76)

Bradley shares the Eagles’ record for career interceptions (34) with Dawkins and Eric Allen. He still holds the team record for interception return yards in a season (248 in 1971) and a career (536). He was selected to the Pro Bowl three times

#3 Don Burroughs (1960-64)

The Blade was one of the key contributors to the Eagles 1960 world championship. He led the team with nine interceptions (in a 12-game regular season) and 124 return yards. His last interception came in the closing minutes of a 20-6 win in St. Louis that clinched the Eastern Conference title

#4 Wes Hopkins (1983-93)

Hopkins ranks fifth on the Eagles all-time list, with 30 interceptions, but it’s not the picks that the fans remember, it’s the hits. At 6-foot-1 and 212 pounds, Hopkins was an intimidating force who had opponents hearing footsteps every time they came across the middle.

#5 Randy Logan (1973-83)

Logan had 23 interceptions to rank among the team’s all-time leaders, and as a 6-foot-1, 195-pound strong safety, he was a very good tackler.

A couple of these name are before DirtyWudders time so we may ask some old timers to help us out. DirtyWudders is also a little bit upset that Andre Waters was not included.

Here is a list during my lifetime:

20: B Dawkins - My favorite all-time Eagle. Nobody played the game with the passion he did. Future Hall of Famer.

20: Andre Waters - Inspiration for this website. Struck fear into RB's. Great feud with Emmitt.
48: Wes Hopkins - Another great hitter who picked off 5 balls or more 5 times.

36: Mike Zorditch - Penn Stater only missed 1 game in 4 seasons.

47: Greg Jackson - 7 picks in 2 years. Jacson also scored 2 TD'.s


  1. I like Didinger too, but a dead monkey could carry Rendell on post-game live. I often don't watch just because of him. What, no Ray Ellis on the list? I can't speak for Bill Bradley or Don Burroughs. I'm old but not that old.

    I'd have to go with Dawkins as the best as well (he's still on the team, right?) and Waters as my favorite. Guy was fearless, probably 170 lbs. soaking wet. He was a kelly green and white blur coming in and taking guys out low. Seemed like he was in on every play. Not a great pass defender but no one really got passes off against those defenses anyway. Excellent player, but was branded a "cheap-shot artist" nationally when that fat stooge Dierdorf went on his soapbox on MNF after he hit a young Rich Gannon (Fox Chase!).
    Hopkins was great too. It's a shame how injuries brought him down. He was Atwater before Atwater. He and Waters were put on this earth to play for Buddy.
    Terry Hoage was good too. Underrated. Lot of picks.
    The back of Blaine Bishop's jersey was pretty good too. Did alot of chasing.

  2. Oh, one more thing, I agree--ridiculous that Waters didn't make Didinger's list! Did he consult Bill Conlin for his list? I'm surpised Mordecai "Three Fingers" Brown wasn't on there.

  3. The name I wanted to include was the "Missile" Tim Hauck.

    Ugh. I hate Blaine Bishop. Michael Lewis would have stopped Jurevicious. Lewis didn't suck until 2 or 3 years later.

  4. Good old Michael Zordich... probably the only bright spot on the team his last 2 years.

    Dawkins, Hopkins, Waters

    The Missle definitely gets honorable mention

  5. Logan was good, but I don't think he should be on the list. That team making the Super Bowl in 1980 was part of the reason he made it even though (if I remember correctly) sucked that year. Brenard Wilson was the better Safety on that team (that year at least).

    Like you said, it's tough to disagree with Diddy, but I'd knock Logan off the list for Waters.

    Missle was nasty for about half a season. Couldn't tackle, but he sure could hit! He was just the crazy white dude who made everyone afraid to catch balls across the middle.

  6. I hope Dawk proves the Eagles wrong by having another all-pro year. If he has a bad yr - I can just see Banner saying I told you so...