Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lunch Time Rant

Lunch Time Rant from friend of DirtyWudders, RH

McNabb was speaking yesterday at a conference on motivation and leadership??? That has to be the irony of all ironies. Why didn't they just have Andy Reid speak about time-management? They could've alotted him 5 minutes and then watched in frustration as it took him 12 minutes to get through it.

I heard transcripts of Manuel's speech were available at the door. God bless him. Rauuuul to the DL. Starting to break down from the roids I guess...
Mel Hall gets 45 years for child molestation. Is nothing sacred? For some reason, I have no idea why now, I was a big Mel Hall fan in the 80's. It's not like he was even that good. Had a few decent years with Cleveland, then got overpaid by the Yanks (go figure) and was a bust. I think I was an quasi-Indians fan for some reason, I even liked Joe Carter. You know, before he ruined my adolescence and became the anti-Christ.

Reason #896 to dislike Kobe-- I saw footage of their parade yesterday (lame L.A. dog-and-pony show). So all of his teammates (the common folk) are wearing their white Championship t-shirts, and of course Kobe has to wear a black t-shirt to stand out. Insecure egomaniac.


  1. Anyone catch the article on Charlie in this week's Sports Illustrated? There's a pretty cool story about a drunk Charlie and a drunker Ted Williams arguing about the science of hitting in a restaurant 20 years ago.

    Raul will be fine. Even old men need a break sometimes.

    Kobe couldn't wear the white shirt because it was Adidas and it would violate his Nike contract. Before we go into another debate about how greedy he is, Jordan has done the same thing.

    Also, remember when Iverson wouldn't show up to the filming of 'Like Mike' because they were using Nike shoes and he was part of the Reebok brand?

    I do agree that Kobe could've found a white shirt, but I'm sure the Lakers and the Nike Execs wanted him to stand out as much as he did.

    The whole parade was a joke. It looked like a tea party compares to what Philly pulled off last year.

  2. McNabb on leadership and motivation? Are you kidding me? Did Campbell Soup sponsor the event? Did Mama McNabb introduce the speaker? Did Donavan discuss his leadership mantra of "not being operceived as a black quaterback? Did the audience boo him like they did on draft day? Was TO presented as the other side of leadership? Did he demonstrate his pushups in the driveway leadership?
    Uncle Charlie drunk? Was he slurring his words? How could you tell? Did he try and tackle Ted Williams like he does with players? Was Ted still frozen--or did Charlie's conversation begin the great thawing process?
    Andy Reid on time management---what a great course---time's yours!!!

    Joe Doc

  3. Are you sure it is because he is part of Nike?

    I heard Derek Fisher took a bite of his MCDONALDS's Big Mac and it spilled all over Kobe's shirt. His way of saying eff you Kobe, you've still never won one without me and you wouldn't have won this one without my clutch 3's and Courtney Lee pulling a Nick Anderson for Orlando. I feel better thanks.

    I am just happy we have our first "Like Mike" reference.

  4. Yeah, I thought someone would call me out on that pathetic reference.

    It's just the 1st one that came to mind.

  5. Kobe would've never won the title without D.J. Mbenga. I heard "Kobe Doin' Work" (good grief) is high unintentional comedy.