Friday, June 5, 2009

Vigilante Justice in Kensington

Non-sports related interruption....

This story is a couple days old, and it comes courtesy of DirtyWudders commenter, NardDog:

NardDog says, "Not only are the people who beat the shit out of this guy not getting charged, they are also getting to split $10,000. I hate Kensington but that is pure genius."

I love this story. This scumbag deserves everything he gets. I hope he rots in prison for the rest of his life.


  1. Still wouldn't pay for that story.

  2. The video really helps them because it shows scumbag trying to run away. I like how McNesby said they "stepped up" while others are tip-toeing around it.

  3. How awesome is it that this happened? Ramsey is loving every minute of this and is so happy that this happened. He's the same Commish who was distraught that a bullet only paralized an accused cop-killer and didn't kill him.

    Although this was deserved, the citizens need to be prosecuted to preserve what's still left of a functioning society in Kensington.

    Solution: Prosecute everyone without any jailtime but have the fines miraculously equal a sum of the $10,000 reward. This way, justice will be served and no one (except the real criminal) will be put out.

    I know it's a reward, but no one should profit off of a crime like this.