Thursday, July 2, 2009

Why Not?

I think Eagles fans have gotten soft since the NFL Draft this past April. There was a huge push from the fanbase in the offseason to land a top tier receiver, namely Anquan Boldin, but since the draft I haven't heard a peep. The Boldin thing didn't work out in the end, but the Birds did land a decent rookie WR in the first round, Jeremy Maclin. Now don't get me wrong, I'm pumped about Maclin's future with the team, but how much can we expect him to produce in his rookie season. It would be nice if he has a season comparable to DeSean Jackson's last year, but there are no guarantees in the NFL. Anyway, here's my point: I haven't heard any noise around town since Maclin's arrival about the latest malcontent who wants out of his respective team, Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos.

I understand the reluctancy of some fans to accept a guy of Marshall's moral fiber to the team after the infamous TO debacle, but if I remember correctly the Birds went directly to the Super Bowl with 'The Receiver' on the squad. The Eagles No.1 receiver from last year, DeSean Jackson, caught 62 passes for 912 yards, not bad. Compare that to Marshall's 104 passes caught for 1265 yards and Jackson's numbers look pedestrian. I'm not hating on the Eagles receiving core like a would have in previous years because I am actually optimistic about their future, but why not upgrade if you have the opportunity. If the Broncos would accept, I would absolutely be willing to part with Kevin Curtis and a No.1 pick for a player of Marshall's caliber - I'm sure 5 wouldn't mind either. Screw his attitude, I want to win.


  1. I think Eagles fans were killing the birds over the WR position, the last couple of years because it was so glaringly, a position of need. I don't think it is anymore. Like you said, Jackson led the team in receiving as a rookie with 62 catches. He was also double teamed alot playing along side all-pros such as Reggie Brown and Greg Lewis not to mention LJ Smith doing what he did. This year Kevin Curtis is back, he had 77 grabs the year before and 1st rd pick Macklin. Avant and Baskett are quality 4's and 5's, who can be inserted into specific situations. I believe the NFC will be won by either the Eagles or the Giants. On paper - they are the two top teams. Paper is all we have right now.

    That being said...F'ing A, I would take Brandon Marshall for a 1st round pick. Joe Banner and Andy Reid always talk about doing things the way "other" Super Bowl teams do them. (other cracks me up but anyway). Why not do what the Patriots did a couple of years back? The Patriots had a WR core that was probably good enough to win another Super Bowl the way they were. What did they do? Acquired Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Donte Stallworth. 17-0.

    A core of Brandon Marshall, DeSean Jackson and Kevin Curtis with Macklin, Avant and Baskett would put the Eagles, head and shoulders, over the Giants and the rest of the NFC. The Patriots would probably be the only team on the same level.

    I don't think the birds would even think about it though...

  2. Curtis is nice, but Marshall coming here would be sick. That would allow Jackson to work the seams in three-receiver sets and get ridiculously open for long TD bombs.

    Also, does anyone else find it hilarious how badly McDaniels has run this team into the ground?

  3. We don't want to give Donavan too many weapons now. He'll get confused and won't know which set of feet to throw to. I'd do it, but like you said Mike, the Birds never will. When it comes to guys with any kind of attitude/baggage, they remain snakebitten by T.O. I think they now only target Amish guys that served in the Peace Corps.
    It'll just be very refreshing to go into a season without L.J. Stiff moping around. This will be his breakout year...
    True about McDaniels--he went in there acting like Belichick/Parcells. Only problem is, he has zero wins and zero experience.