Friday, July 3, 2009

Dan Haren on the Block

We all know that the Phils have been struggling as of late. They are now tied for first with the Marlins, and are headed into a pivotal series with those rotten Mets. I will be there on Sunday ready to take on any Mets fan, and I am willing to call out anyone in the package that will not be there for this game. I don't care what weekend it is. These games are the reason the Sunday package exists.

Ibanez is expected to come off of the DL today and lets hope that he can kick start this offense and maybe start scoring runs again. Once the offense gets back on track we will be ok. The Phils need to make a move soon for a starting pitcher. I read that Paul Byrd and Chien Ming-Wang were being discussed. Who would want either of them? The both of them couldn't break the Norristown A's rotation. I look at it this way, if you are going to go out and get a pitcher make a big splash and let other teams know that you are ready to win ball games. According to espn insider Dan Haren may be going on the block. This is a guy who has been lights out this year despite the awful team that he plays for. The Phils should give up everything and anything they can to acquire him if these rumors are true. He would be a great compliment to Hamels, and has number one stuff. Ruben if you read this you better look into this and find out all the details. This is a pitcher that can take you/us back to the promise land.


  1. Haren is one of the few guys I would trade Drabek for. He is an "ace" type pitcher and is under contract for a couple of years. Drabek would help 'zona down the road.

    Re Phils and Sunday package: F yourself. You skipped your fair share

  2. If I see Paul Byrd again I'm not sure what my reaction will be. I've removed all sharp objects from my house as a precaution. Bruce Chen is available. As long as Haren stays in the NL (for fantasy purposes). Otherwise Rusty Kuntz will be forced to disband.
    Is it me, or are McCarthy and Wheels even more annoying with their homerism when the Phils are losing? Stop making excuses, a-holes. If Wheels said one more time how the gaps in Turner Field "swallowed up" long fly balls. Queer.