Thursday, July 30, 2009

Manny and Papi Busted

The New York Times is reporting Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz tested positive for steroids in 2003, the same survey testing period which showed Alex Rodriguez and Sammy Sosa to also be PED users. Is anyone surprised? A few notes from the article:

The list included the names of players who tested positive during survey testing, implemented for the 2003 season to determine whether or not baseball needed a full-fledged testing program, which went into effect the next season.

According to the Times, the lawyers did not reveal which drugs the players tested positive for. Ortiz said "I have no comment" when asked about the matter on Thursday by a Times reporter in Boston.

When Sports Illustrated reported in February that Alex Rodriguez had tested positive for steroids in 2003, Ortiz said any player who tested positive should be suspended for an entire season.

Hilarious! MLB should just reveal all 104 names at this point - the story might actually go away faster that way. It’s obvious reporters are going to keep the PED witch hunt alive until all the guilty players are named, dragging this story out for years - just get it over with already. Bud Selig should clear his conscience once and for all, do baseball fans a favor and expose the frauds for what they really are - cheaters.

Who else do you think is on the list?


  1. Barry Bonds, Gary Sheffield, Eric Gagne, Richie Sexson, Sammy Sosa, Jason Giambi, Roger Clemens, Rafael Palmiero, Nomar Garciapara, Luis Gonzalez, Bret & Aaron Boone...

    The entire Red Sox and Yankees Teams...

    Jim Thome?

  2. I feel like everytime someone gets busted it is almost always a Dominican. I mean between A-Rod and now Manny and Ortiz. Tejada and Sosa have been busted. I am not saying that it is only a Dominican thing, because everyone in baseball starting with Selig is to blame for this. I would bet that Beltran, Reyes, Delgado, Pedro Martinez, and Soriano are all on that list too.

  3. So does this mean Papi will suspend himself for a year?