Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mid-Season All-Bum Game

On another slow day in sports in between the ASG and the rest of the regular season, I thought it might be interesting to put together the Worst starting players in the NL and AL during the first half. I am going to put a proposal together for ESPN2 to televise this game, every year as an alternative to the HR Derby…Any ideas for a play-by-play guy? I based my list on 200 or so plate appearances – first half numbers and name recognition, meaning I may choose an underachieving big name over a lesser known name if they are having similar seasons. I just want the NL to have a chance to win a matchup against the AL..

Here are my teams:

AL – C – Dioner Navarro – Rays, .223, 5 HR, 25 RBI
NL – C – Jason Kendall – Brewers - .233, 0 HR, 23 RBI, 10 xtra base hits

AL – 1B – Jason Giambi – A’s, .192, 11 HR, 40 RBI
NL – 1B – Travis Ishikawa – Giants, .269, 7 HR, 26 RBI

AL – 2B – Howie Kendrick – Angels, .239, 4 HR, 28 R
NL – 2B – Kelly Johnson – Braves, .214, 5 HR, 33 R

AL – SS – Nick Punto – Twins, .201, 0 HR, 26 R
NL – SS – Jimmy Rollins – Phillies, .229, 7 HR, 51 R

AL – 3B – Adrian Beltre – Mariners, .259, 5 HR, 36 RBI, 8 E
NL – 3B – Emilio Bonafacio – Marlins, .258, 0 HR, 21 R, 73 K, 13 E

AL - LF – David DeJesus – Royals, .256, 7 HR, 41 RBI
NL - LF – Alfonso Soriano – Cubs, .233, 14 HR, 33 RBI, 82 K, 7 E

AL – CF – Grady Sizemore – Indians, .235, 13 HR, 9 SB, 7 CS
NL – CF – Chris Young – D’Backs, .196, 6 HR, 25 RBI, 73 K

AL – RF – Jose Guillen – Royals, .243, 9 HR, 37 RBI, 4 E
NL – RF – Brian Giles – Pirates, .191, 2 HR, 23 RBI, 18 R

AL – SP – Andy Sonnanstine – Rays, 6-7, 6.61 ERA
NL – SP – Manny Parra – Brewers, 3-8, 6.78 ERA

AL – CL – Kerry Wood - Indians, 2-3, 5.28 ERA, 12 S, 4 BS
NL – CL – Brad Lidge – Phillies, 0-4, 7.03 ERA, 18 S, 6 BS

Damn it! AL wins this one big…

Speak up if there are any glaring omissions.


  1. Berman can do the play-by-play. He'd be perfect.

  2. Does Pat Burrell make it as the AL DH? He only has 190 ABs, but his lack of production should make up for it.

  3. The game would need to be played at one of the New York stadiums because I've heard nothing but disappointment with those stadiums.

    Jay Bruce might make it. Even though he has 18 homers, his .207 average is a complete disappointment compared to what everyone thought he was going to do. I doubt he'll overtake Giles though just because of his power numbers.

    Elijah Dukes might be put into the same category. He was sent down to the minors after playing for the Nats. That's like getting sent down from a slow-pitch beer league, to a girl's Little League team.

    J.J. Putz as setup man? Not sure if he made enough appearences (29.3 innings before season ending surgury), but his 1-4 record and 5.50 ERA were a huge disappointment.

  4. Because of expectations, I think Hamels may need to get consideration with his 5-5 record and almost 5.00 ERA. He's had some great outings and has fought injuries so that may excude him from the team.

  5. How can you have Bonafacio as the worst at 3B? He is a rooke and going into the season he had 0 expectations. I think that he is doing a pretty good job filling in as a utility player considering he hasn't played one game at his real position 2B. He has played 3B, SS, and OF. None of which he has ever played before. .258 is not that bad for a rookie either. He lacks power, but dont most leadoff hitters?

    Hands down the worst third baseman this year is Bill Hall. In 191 AB's he has compiled a whopping .199 avg., compared to his .293 avg last year. 19 RBI's, and 63K's so far this year are comparable to David Bell's numbers, or Travis Lee's.

  6. I think David Murphy might need to take over 1st Base in NL (even though he only played there part of the season) because of his .248 avg. and 5 Homers.

    Also, you need to take into consideration his HORRIBLE fielding at all positions that he played.

  7. 1B in the AL I think is a tie. Giambi is pretty bad, but so is David Ortiz.

  8. When was the last time Ortiz played 1st base? 1996?

    Isn't he a DH?

  9. Bill Hall does have a very good argument for this team. He was so close to the 200 PA's that I kept him off. He doesn't have enought AB's to qualify for the batting title. Let's consider him as an alternate or maybe the snubbed list.

    Garrett Atkins is another guy who has a good argument for this team - alot of talent here at 3B - but he only has 48 starts at 3rd.

    Bonafacio has 16 xtra base hits in 372 at bats .300 obp and leads MLB in errors.

  10. Yeah Papi doesn't qualify as a 1B and Murphy has played all over, so he would have to be the utility guy.

  11. Berman is a good choice for announcer, with Joe Morgan as well. Can you imagine those two together? I'd have my head in the oven by the third inning.
    No Khalil Greene?!? You're probably right though. If he saw his name on the list he'd probably start crying and curl up in the fetal position. Might not have 200 apps.
    Rick Ankiel in the outfield (another Rusty special). Piece'a shit.